The UK Markets MBA for the Music Industry at Henley Business School Proves to be a Key Influencer in US Job Success

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The UK market is known for its influence in music across the world so its no surprise that its world first MBA in the Music Industry also proves to be a real game changer.   When Malik Yusef gathered the top people together for his new venture, Private Plane, he knew he needed a great business exec who also had significant industry knowledge to run it. He knew immediately that he had the right man in John Martinez, offering John the job of Executive Vice President, chosen from the world’s first MBA for the Music Industry launched by Henley Business School in the UK, which he greatly respects for being ahead of the curve in knowing what the music industry needs. Offering John the job of Executive Vice President.   Spearheaded by Program Director, Helen Gammons, who arrives in Hollywood soon for the official US launch of Henley Business School’s new  MBA in the Music Industry program at the  Musexpo global music event, May 5-8, 2013.

Helen Gammons, a 30 year music industry veteran, entrepreneur and educator, and author of ‘The Art of Music Publishing’ will address delegates during the conference/convention, and reveal how the MBA will prove to be a major game changer for the global music industry.  Taking an MBA in the UK market has always been an option for US business but now there appears renewed vigour as this amazing new MBA for the Music and Creative Industries takes off. Apart from the pleasing price for a world class business school this world first programme is rich in innovation and vision unlike other MBA’s and has clearly caught the attention of those seeking top executives who also share this game changing vision.

Henley has wasted no time in engaging with the Music Industry.  It has partnered with top international executives in the music industry to deliver the world’s first MBA program for middle and senior management and rising aspirational executives.  In December 2012, a high level meeting was held with UK government at the House of Commons with Edward Vaizey, UK Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, along with UK CEO’s and senior executives from across all major Record Labels, Rights organizations, Radio and Artist Management companies.    Also in December, Henley delivered a report to UK Prime Minister, David Cameron and Education Minister, Michael Gove, opposing planned education reforms which are seen as a deliberate side lining of Music and the Arts from the core curriculum within the English Baccalaureate. The report provides a more strategic view and was considered influential by Michael Gove in his educational u-turn.

Henley has pressed ahead with a series of 1 day events under their ‘Creative Dynamics’ banner, the first being held several months ago on Music & Brand Partnerships which again proved to be a real game changer, challenging the industry to new ideas and new strategies, this really cemented this exciting and timely industry and business school partnership.  The next event is May 21st on Managing Creativity, and Building Business Performance This is followed by events on July 4th and October 14th to be announced in following issues and on Henley’s website.  This new dynamic has come about by the vision of Henley Business Schools new Dean professor John Board and Music Industry executive and entrepreneur Helen Gammons sharing a vision for both Business School and Industry that ignited something quite unique.

Recently Henley sponsored a category of the Music Week Awards the equivalent being Billboard in the US. Henley were pleased to welcome to their table at these Awards, Gemma Cairney from their national radio station Radio 1, CEO of Skatta TV, from Film and TV Parminder Vir OBE, Brand Fluent, Stephen Budd and legendary rock author Joel McIver.

So why now, why an MBA in the Music Industry?  “The ultimate goal is to have a positive impact on the industry as a whole by putting it strategically ahead of the curve” stated Helen Gammons. The MBA program has already had impact. “It’s fantastic but not really surprising that the MBA for the Music and Creative Industries has already had US impact”. John Anthony Martinez, record producer and already one of the first American students in the program, landed a plum job with US rapper, business entrepreneur and Grammy award winning artist Malik Yusef, as a direct result of his enrollment in the programme. Malik and his executive team offered John the position of Executive Vice President for a new unique label venture called Private Plane, focusing on branding music and other creative endeavours as luxury items, with a big reveal for the concept due soon.

Not content with just an MBA program Henley have now announced a series of 1 day industry engagement events under their banner ‘Creative Dynamics’ the next event being May 21st at the prestigious Henley Business School.  The title of the event being “Finding your Mojo, managing creativity and Building Business Performance” you just know from the title alone that this is going to be so exciting and relevant.  It also happens to be the top topic for CEO’s around the world, how to build business performance through managing creativity to bring the economy into growth.  This is exciting stuff.

So what can those in the US take from this article, sounds like the place to study is at Henley Business School and those in the Music and Creative Industries need to enroll on this innovative MBA program  at this world class facility.  This MBA programme is clearly on the pulse of what is needed, a refreshingly stimulating programme by people who want to make a difference, whilst adding significant value in networking and vision for today’s serious music business and creative industry executives and entrepreneurs at a price tag that works and can which can be studied whilst working full time,flying into Henley in the UK 4 times a year.  Who wouldn’t want to do that. 

Jerry Flattum.

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