Launches Beta Version; Full Version Due June 2013

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PRESS RELEASE (04/15/2013) – is a new style of poker site that is currently in Beta mode but will be launching fully in June 2013. The site aims to provide a competitive yet no-money poker environment, which is needed in the current climate. With leader board tournaments and a range of great poker action, this site aims to deliver action and excitement but with none of the drama.

While there is a great level of drama and tension added to poker games thanks to real money options, not every poker player is thrilled by the chance to win big money. This is mainly because when there is a chance to win big money, there is often a chance to lose a lot of money. With a greater focus being placed on gambling debt than ever before, many poker players are looking for ways to have poker fun without needing to worry about poker finance.

This is why the launch of the site has arrived in a very timely fashion. The site is currently operating in a Beta version before it launches fully in June 2013. The official launch will feature a number of prize giveaways and with some prizes being earmarked for players that are signed up in advance, there is every incentive to sign up now and help the site to develop a fantastic free poker option.

Players that worry about the lack of competitive edge that is absent due to the lack of real money poker will be heartened to know that there is a monthly leader board game to take part in. The kudos of overcoming your poker opponents will be present with this tournament but there will also be prizes on offer for players that rank highly at the end of the month.

Some of the prizes that have already been confirmed include:

  • Subscription based poker memberships
  • Poker coaching sessions
  • Premium poker videos
  • Poker books and ebooks
  • T-shirts
  • Playing cards
  • USB sticks

There will also be a monthly $100 freeroll event, providing players with a small cash incentive but as the term freeroll suggests, there is absolutely no cost to the player involved for taking part in the freeroll event.

While the main poker sites are likely to be untroubled by the launch of, there is a need for this sort of poker option. The site will be free of affiliate programs which will hopefully provide less of a temptation for people looking to avoid the dangers that can blight online gamers and poker players. The site aims to complement and compete with sites such as and other well-known free online poker communities, sites and forums.

Another major advantage that this site has to offer is that it is completely legal, even in the United States. While the idea of playing online poker is appealing to many, the different rules around the world means that many people have decided to play safe and avoid the poker options. With, there is nothing to worry about with regards to legal restrictions.

In addition to poker games, the site aims to provide insight and background to poker’s history and development. There will be specific sections for EPT and WSOP, providing news and a historical overview of these poker bodies. There will also be poker strategy tips, basics, rules and guides. For launch, the site will provide:

  • A Guide To Winning Poker and
  • A Guide To Micro Stakes

The launch of aims to provide a different and much needed poker alternative for modern poker players. Whether players are looking for a risk free poker environment or a place to hone their poker skills, this site aims to deliver. The individual games and the leader board element will ensure that there is a competitive edge to keep players interested but with respect to providing a safe and secure poker environment, is looking to be a game changer for online poker.

About is the newest free poker site and it aims to provide excitement, tension, prizes and a whole lot more without needing players to deposit any money. This completely legal poker site, even in the United States, aims to bring together players from all over the online poker community. With a monthly freeroll and leader board prizes on offer, provides competition without needing to pay money.

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