With one in ten flat batteries occurring after a holiday, vehicle owners must be more prepared, says CTEK

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PRESS RELEASE (05/10/2013) – CTEK  is reminding vehicle owners to undertake a battery check and charge their vehicles’ batteries prior to going away on holiday, as the global maintenance and care brand has estimated that one in ten of all flat batteries are experienced by people returning to their cars after a period of time on holiday.

After the stress of travelling, the last thing a driver wants is to arrive at the airport car park to find they have a flat battery or for the return to work to be seriously inconvenienced by a car that won’t start. Scenarios such as these can not only cause disruption, but also cost car owners a lot of money, whether that is through breakdown call outs or replacement batteries.

Furthermore, most people in these situations choose to jump-start the vehicle in an attempt to get moving as soon as possible, but even such a simple action can cause lasting damage. When a vehicle is jump-started, a vast surge of voltage and current is produced and passed through the battery, energising the starter motor. The current passing through the vehicle can potentially go through the Electronic Control Unit and can cause severe damage to a vehicle’s health, meaning more harm than good.

All this can be avoided if a battery charging routine is put in place, which comprises the connection of a smart battery charger. A model such as the CTEK MXS 5.0 TEST AND CHARGE not only revives discharged batteries and breaks down sulphur build-up that prevents optimum levels of charge being held, it also tests their voltage, alternator performance and start power to avoid unexpected failures.

Katariina Stahl, director of sales and marketing at CTEK, commented: “At CTEK, we recommend that holidaymakers check their vehicles’ batteries are fully charged and in good health before they go away on vacation in order to prevent any unexpected surprises on their return. It’s a good idea to check and charge a week or so before departure to have peace of mind. Not only does a regular charging routine prolong a battery’s life but it also prevents the need to jump-start a car, which can cause lasting damage and a costly trip to the garage.”

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