What some Florida DUI lawyers don’t want you to know

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PRESS RELEASE (04/28/2013) – Getting arrested for a DUI is an absolute disaster. You pretty much have to hire the best DUI lawyer you can find, and most people immediate ask their good friend Google for some answers about their case.

And this is exactly where your fears can be used against you to make an bad decision when you hire a Florida DUI lawyer.

Cheap Legal Fees

Sticker shock is a common reaction to the cost of a proper DUI defense. “Once a prospective client didn’t like the fee I quoted and hired a cheap, payment plan DUI attorney in Destin,” explained Stephen G. Cobb, a Florida Bar Board Certified Specialist in criminal trial law. “He had a clear defense based upon a major mistake in the case, but the other lawyer couldn’t do the work necessary and still make a profit. So that guy has a DUI conviction on his record that shouldn’t be there,” Cobb added.

The truth is simple: a proper defense takes time and time costs money. Be prepared to pay the full fee up front. Most lawyers take credit cards, and if you need payments, this is the way to go. Your DUI lawyer should be focused on your case, not collecting over due payments from clients who don’t pay.

“Aggressive” DUI Lawyers

When people have their Initial Consultation, many fail to realize that it is often a sales pitch. The product is hope.

“People always ask about odds, percentages, how many cases I’ve won,but the Florida Bar says past results mean nothing about future success. Every case is different,” Cobb said.

Cobb went on to explain that until all of the evidence is gathered, an attorney cannot give a definite legal opinion. However, some hungry DUI lawyers will make it sound like you can’t possibly lose if you hire them because they are aggressive, They file weak motions and mount pointless defenses that can poison your case in the eyes of the judge.

You don’t need an aggressive lawyer who will over promise and under deliver. You need a smart one. Getting more jail time because your lawyer was more aggressive than smart is a bad idea. A wise lawyer knows when to be patient and when to be aggressive – without hurting your case.


Reselling is a technique where the DUI lawyer breaks the total fee into parts. The Reseller will charge a small fee to review the case, another for the Driver’s License Review hearing, a little more to review the Florida Field Sobriety Test, and even more money if a motion to throw out the evidence is filed. “The motion to suppress is always filed, and then I have to work harder to convince the judge that mine is a good, solid motion,” Cobb said. “Fortunately, the judges know my firm doesn’t file garbage just to run up the bill.”

The best Florida DUI defense lawyers charge a flat legal fee from start to finish for the entire case.


“At Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm, we always recommend that prospective clients do their homework before hiring any lawyer,” Cobb noted.

This is good advice for anyone unfortunate to be charged with a DUI in Florida. Avoid legal fees that sound to good to be true, avoid overly aggressive lawyers that are quick to promise they can win no matter what, and beware of reselling. Florida DUI cases are serious and require the highest degree of professional care in order for you to get the best possible results.

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