Wear UV Eye Protection for Skiing after LASIK & Cataract Surgery say Maine Doctors

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LIGHTNING RELEASES (03/03/2014) – People who have had LASIK or cataract surgery need to remember to make proper UV eye protection a part of their ski and snow boarding equipment and gear bag in order to fully protect their eyes and avoid the potential for sun exposure related eye damage.

“During the cold weather months-and often during outdoor recreational activities-patients sometimes forget about the potential for damaging effects of the sunlight. UV associated eye problems can be very uncomfortable,” commented Maine Cataract & Refractive Surgeon Bruce Cassidy of Eyecare Medical Group.

“Most LASIK and cataract surgery patients remember to wear sunglasses during the summer months when the sun is glaring and the weather is hot. But, a lesser known and problematic risk of sun exposure is “sun burnt eyes” or photokeratitis, also termed ultraviolet keratitis or snow blindness that can easily occur in the winter months while skiing or snowboarding,” noted Corneal Specialist & LASIK Surgeon Ravi Shah, M.D.

“All patients need to protect their eyes from UV damage-and in particular we want to be a bit more careful after eye surgery such as LASIK or cataract surgery. It is often more difficult for LASIK and cataract patients to remember this because most of them no longer wear glasses after their surgery-and they just don’t think about eyewear very often,” shared Cataract & LASIK Surgeon Jordan Sterrer, M.D.

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