We support the Eve Movement: A Survey for Female Entrepreneurs (This survey is about female entrepreneurship and is asking for your opinion no matter of one’s sex)

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PRESS RELEASE: CHICAGO July 1, 2013- We recently discovered Katharina Krenn, a remarkable young woman who is travelling the world interviewing female entrepreneurs for her project The Eve Movement. Realizing that she won’t have enough time in her travels to capture all the stories she would like, she has created an online survey for female entrepreneurs everywhere to participate and we wanted to get the word out to women entrepreneurs around the globe. Here is a link to her survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/eve-movement (This survey is about female entrepreneurship and is asking for your opinion no matter of one’s sex)

Since 1998 Commonwealth Capital Advisors (CCA) has specialized in enabling women and men entrepreneurs who own start-up or early stage companies successfully raise seed, development and expansion capital. They now offer a patent pending system called: Financial Architect® that provides the tools (knowledge, deal structuring guidance and access to accredited angel investor groups around the world who are specifically looking to fund start-up and early stage companies.)

As former Wall Street financiers turned entrepreneurs, the principals at Commonwealth Capital Advisors know what you’re going through or about to go through. They have felt the pain of attempting to capitalize start-up and early stage companies. They know how to succeed, but more importantly, they know about failure and how to avoid it. To find out how download and read the Abridged Edition of the E-book their CEO wrote entitled: “The Secrets of Wall Street – Raising Capital for Start-Up and Early Stage Companies.” (It’s Complimentary!) VISIT: http://www.commonwealthcapital.com/main/21.php?username=4750 

If you are serious about raising capital for your start-up or early stage company, this resource was made for you. “The Secrets of Wall Street…” will open your eyes to the truth on how the world of capital works. It’s designed to enable any Entrepreneur to make a qualified decision on how to go about effectively raising capital. The unsolicited testimonials continue to stream into their website from attorneys, CPA’s, entrepreneurs and university professors. Turn your dream into reality, download your copy now. Financial Architect® “The Fastest Way to Legally Raise Capital – Guaranteed” 

CONTACT INFORMATION: Charles David Dreher Executive Vice-President Commonwealth Capital Advisors The Chicago Mercantile Exchange Building 30 South Wacker Drive, 22nd Floor Chicago, IL 60606 http://www.commonwealthcapital.com/members/4750 ccawestcoastoperations@CommonwealthCapital.com

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