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Press Release (2/20/2013) – VO Financial assists timeshare owners in eliminating the debt they have incurred as a result of the deceptive and/or fraudulent sales practices of timeshare developers.  VO Financial’s business model is founded on exposing the unethical sales practices of timeshare developers.  Thus, if the timeshare developers did not have unethical sales practices, VO Financial would not be in business.  Obviously, the timeshare developers are not pleased with VO Financial!  Their collections and legal departments have tried in vain in many different ways to get VO Financial to stop helping the developer’s timeshare owners.  Wyndham Vacation Resorts, in particular, has filed several frivolous lawsuits in many jurisdictions against various entities affiliated with VO Financial – without any success.

This week, Wyndham Vacation Resorts filed another frivolous lawsuit, this time in federal court in Tennessee.  In addition to this lawsuit, Wyndham has sued VO Financial’s affiliates in state courts in Tennessee, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.  These lawsuits are frivolous because the issues have already been resolved in VO Financial’s favor.  In the first lawsuit that Wyndham filed, the New Jersey Judge found that the services provided are fair competition and that Wyndham was not entitled to any permanent restraints that would prevent the mission of helping timeshare consumers that have incurred significant debt as a result of their developer’s deceptive and/or fraudulent practices.  The Judge went so far as to say that he handles other disputes between timeshare owners and developers, and debated on the record whether he should advise the owners to contact us for assistance!  Wyndham could have abided by the Judge’s decision, but decided instead to bully VO Financial’s affiliates with copycat lawsuits in other jurisdictions.

The timeshare developers, including Wyndham, have also worked hand in hand with the federal government to create charges in an indictment that alleges acts that took place more than two years ago during approximately a one-year period from early 2010 to early 2011.  Basically, the charges allege that soon after VO Financial’s commonly owned affiliate VO Group opened, some of its independent contractors told potential clients that VO Group was affiliated with their timeshare developer or that VO Group represented the banks that owned the timeshare loans.  The indictment named many defendants, including the two owners of VO Group.  However, of greatest importance, NONE of the accusations made against the individuals charged are anything that has been discussed, explained, or insinuated to VO Financial’s clients, or any other timeshare owner that has complained to VO Financial about timeshare developers’ deceptive and/or fraudulent sales practices.  Meanwhile, although the government has pushed back the trial date several times, the owners of VO Group are aggressively defending themselves against the allegations in the indictment and look forward to an acquittal or dismissal of all charges in the not too distant future.

To be clear, VO Financial is a timeshare consulting firm.  VO Financial and its affiliates are not in any way associated with timeshare developers or with the banks that own the timeshare loans.  Nor does VO Financial want to be or need to be.  What VO Financial does works and is guaranteed by federal and state legislation not to fail.  Further, if what was alleged in the indictment was occurring presently, it would be very easy for the government to charge VO Financial to prevent further business.  No charges have ever been filed against VO Financial or any of its affiliates.

Despite being under close scrutiny from the government and constant harassment from Wyndham and other timeshare developers, VO Financial has successfully canceled over one hundred million dollars in timeshare debt for consumers who were deceived by their timeshare developer.  VO Financial has developed services which allow victims of timeshare fraud to get out of their debt. Since VO Financial was established, Wyndham in particular has done everything it can to stop VO Financial from performing its programs and services.  However, Wyndham has failed because VO Financial’s services are guaranteed to cancel debt resulting from unscrupulous sales practices.  Wyndham fails to realize that VO Financial has just begun to scratch the surface – there are millions of timeshare owners that have not yet been reached who share the same story clients have told VO Financial about the debt they have incurred as a result of deception and misrepresentation.  Wyndham’s solution would be simple:  don’t lie to consumers.  If Wyndham ensured that its sales staff told the truth to clients, VO Financial would be out of business.

VO Financial appreciates the opportunity to set the record straight.  VO Financial will not be intimidated by Wyndham’s attacks. VO Financial is not a scam – its services are seamless and 100% guaranteed.  Again, VO Financial has canceled over $100,000,000.00 of timeshare debt from consumers who have incurred debt as a result of lies and misrepresentations, and that number increases each day.  If Wyndham and other timeshare developers want to put VO Financial out of business, they should know that VO Financial assists only victims of fraud and misrepresentation.  Stop the fraud and misrepresentation, and only then will VO Financial go out of business.

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