TurboTax 2014 Discount Coupon Promo for a Limited Time

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LIGHTNING RELEASES 02/08/14 – Easy Income Tax Filing Online, a company dedicated to effectively guiding workers through the tax filing process has on their website that TurboTax 2014 is available at a discount for a limited time and they are ready to help guide individuals through the 2013 income tax return filing process.

This special discount coupon code is only available until Feb 15, 2014

With this exclusive TurboTax offer, you can use some (or all) of your federal refund to purchase an Amazon.com Gift Card and they will give you an additional 10% bonus!

The company has been a proponent of using TurboTax for many years, and stands ready to help filers with their returns. A company spokesperson announced the release of TurboTax 2014 and said, “We understand that many filers still don’t trust electronic filing and that’s why we offer the most comprehensive review of TurboTax 2014 and the electronic tax filing process available.

Our website guides the taxpayer through the process of electronic filing and leaves them confident that their returns have been filed properly and that they will receive the maximum refund due.”

The company uses their website to explain all aspects of electronic filing and that is often the first place potential clients go when an announcement of this kind is made. The Easy Income Tax Filing Online website offers a thorough and easy-to-read explanation of TurboTax 2014 and electronic tax filing in order to help clients file their taxes quickly and easily.

According to a company spokesperson, “Using TurboTax 2014 and filing electronically is absolutely the easiest way to file a return and be assured of an easy, accurate and hassle-free process.” The company specializes in explaining how to file a 1040, 1040a and 1040EZ return electronically.

As the company points out, the main benefit of using TurboTax to file electronically is that the software does all the calculations and is already programmed with the latest changes to tax law and regulation. Following the volumes of tax changes each year is nearly impossible for the average tax payer and TurboTax takes that worry from the filer.

They are also capable of automatically filling in information from your place of work, banks and other financial institution which saves you time and reduces the paper work load. All you have to do is provide some basic information and they put everything in the proper places.

Right now, Save up to $20 on TurboTax Online federal tax filing for a limited time only! This sale ends Feb 15.

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