Traditional Africa Elephant Hair 4 Knot Bracelets Released in Silver and Gold

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PRESS RELEASE: Mariposa, CA (9/26/2013) – Safari Gold® today announced that they have released four knot versions across most of their line of traditional African elephant hair knot bracelets. The unique sliding adjustable style of these wire wrap bracelets has fascinated people for years with their magic adjustable fit capability. Now they are offered  with four knots (all of which slide) for people who prefer the extra visibility and weight of this style.

Because of the very limited supply, and sometimes custom needs, these items are only be offered only through the website. For now they come in a medium/large size five strand adult versions only. They are available in copper, tarnish resistant sterling silver, 14KY gold fill, 14K rose gold fill and artificial elephant hair with silver knots.

“We continue to hear from customers who have had these bracelets for years from Africa and finally wear them out.” said Martin Foden, president of Safari Gold. “In addition, many other people with an affinity for Africa, or simply adjustable bracelets, love these designs. Since they are so adjustable (a rarity always, but especially for men’s bracelets) they make perfect gifts for anyone and are easily mailed.”

Originally, and more commonly, real elephant hair knot bracelets only had two knots. But as it became harder and harder to get elephant tail hair in the longer lengths, craftsman had to resort to three and four knot styles to connect the smaller strands. While this is not a problem for wire and artificial hair designs, many people prefer the four knot style.

Safari Gold is an online retailer of fine safari and wildlife jewelry and artwork headed by Martin Foden. His late brother Geophrey and nephew Alfred pioneered the use of real giraffe hair in fine jewelry and this leadership position continues today. See Dedicated to the preservation of Africa’s wildlife and natural lands, Safari Gold is deeply concerned about supporting the creation of jobs in Africa along with promoting the talents of fine African artists and artisans. They may be reached at 207-742-4036 or online at

Safari Gold® is a U.S. registered trademark.

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