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TOP USA LIGHTING AWARD 2013 GOES TO ROTOLIGHT ANOVA !  The Rotolight Anova is building a significant reputation across the USA and international photographic and lighting communities.  This advanced LED lighting product is not just turning heads but being used by top tv studios, photographers, videographers, film companies  and enlightened directors of photography.  With quotes like “We inspected it, we tested it, and we fell in love with it” being provided by one of the most serious popular photography magazines in the USA that there are is high praise indeed.,1
The Rotolight company has not just won lighting product of the year in 2013 in the USA, but a fist full of awards for its advancement in lighting  both in the UK, USA and Europe.

It’s products are an iconic image and rather than just being used to light sets are also being seen lighting sets and are regularly seen on the BBC and ITV in the UK.  I would liken this phenomenon to Steve Jobs development of Apple, strong design as well as advanced user friendly features that make light of work (excuse the pun) of the job you set out to do.

When products like this help you become ‘ the best you can be’, they make a significant difference to the output of your work and become invaluable.  Their Rotolight Anova range with patent and IP reduces energy consumption by 96%, and has negligible heat output. It can be controlled by iPhone or iPad and has an award winning app which replaces the need for an expensive lighting desk.  Over 250 lights can be control by wifi or controlled separately or in groups. To describe just one key feature would show how outstanding these lights are but they have multiple award winning features and the power saving and ECO credentials are more than significant.

What’s really heart warming about Rotolight is that this is a small company, a family business, but they are innovating better than the big players in this market who undoubtedly have significant financial advantage with teams of R&D experts.   This should be applauded.  It goes to show you that if you want real ‘Creativity’ seek out those who are really passionate about what they do and are prepared to take some risks.  Redbull and formula know all about taking risks.  Now they know how to spot a winner!

ROBERT “BOB” BUTLER Production Rotolight ANOVA, stated : – 

“When Redbull Media & Polymath asked Broadcast Services to video Mark Webber in the Hi-Tech environment of Redbull’s F1 engineering facility the obvious choice was Rotolight.” 

“Not only was the light quality spot on, the overall look of the light fitted perfectly in its Hi-Tech surroundings. Whilst the video crew were admiring the cars they were impressed by the light!”  

Broadcast Services at Redbull HQ shooting Mark Webber.

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