Three Ways Ferrets Can Motivate Students Outside the Classroom This School Year

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PRESS RELEASE: San Diego, CA (September 2013) – As children start settling back in to school this month, they will be faced with meeting strict deadlines and more responsibility. Pet ferrets are a fun way to help young students learn these important skills at home so they’re ready to take on the new school year. On September 14-15, 2013 from 1 p.m. – 2 p.m., families can attend Petco’s free, family-friendly “Meet the Critters” event to learn more about this popular mammal and how ferrets can be the ideal academic companions for students at home, through the school year and beyond.

Here are three ways a pet ferret can help motivate children outside the classroom:

  • Learning time management: Ferrets, just like every living thing, need food and proper care. By putting children in charge of making sure the animal is properly fed and well maintained, it will encourage them to set schedules and follow them. This helps children keep track of time – a skill easily transferable to the school year.

  • Exercising responsibility: Being a pet parent to any animal takes dedication and ferrets are no exception. They can help teach children that taking care of a pet is a commitment and with it comes responsibility. Not only do ferrets need to be fed and physically cared for, there are many other aspects to their complete care. Ferrets are very playful, which can sometimes lead to mischief, so it is important to keep them mentally stimulated with interactive play time. They are also social creatures and enjoy going for walks on a leash, as well as knowing they are emotionally secure and safe in their habitat at home. By teaching children how to care for the whole health of the pet, they will begin to exercise responsibility, a skill necessary throughout all aspects of their life.

  • Improving self-esteem: Caring for other living beings improves self-esteem. Children will feel a sense of accomplishment because they know they are doing something wonderful by caring for their pet. In addition, the unconditional love and affection ferrets show their pet parent will help boost the child’s happiness. Numerous studies have shown children with higher self-esteem perform better in school and get better grades.

At the weekend-long event, families and friends can learn from knowledgeable Petco associates about how to introduce ferrets in to a loving home. Attendees will also learn about the complete health of this animal including keeping them physically fit, mentally alert, socially engaged and emotionally happy. Petco is aware that some cities and states do not allow ferrets, and these locations will focus on guinea pigs instead. Contact individual stores in the area for more information.

For more information about ferrets and this month’s family-friendly “Meet the Critters” event visit or visit the nearest Petco location.

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