The Three Mistakes Most People Make When Arrested in Fort Walton Beach, Florida

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Fort Walton Beach, FL, criminal defense attorney Stephen G. Cobb has seen it all. Cobb, a Florida Bar Board certified specialist in criminal trial law, is a courtroom veteran and has produced his education television show, Florida Criminal Law TV since 1997. Here are the three (3) most common mistakes people frequently make when they are accused of a crime.

Talking to the Police

If someone is not in custody, subject to what the legal system says is a “custodial interrogation,” the police do not have to read someone their rights. Movies and entertainment television make it appear like the police have to read suspects their rights before they can ask any questions. However, they do not. In fact, they do not want to take someone into custody and then read them their rights. As long as the person is free to leave, they can ask questions and use the information against the suspect. Most people try to talk themselves out of the ride to jail only to learn that the information they give is used against them later.

Delay and Denial

After someone has been arrested, the shock of the situation can paralyze many people into doing nothing or hoping it will all just go away. But legal problems do not get better with time. Time is often a critical factor. For example, someone arrested for a DUI may not be aware that they have only ten (10) days to contest their driver’s license suspension. If they wait too long, they may later be required to attend a DUI school in Fort Walton Beach that they may have avoided or, if required, they may not be able to drive to it. The sooner they hire a Fort Walton Beach, Florida (FL) DUI Lawyer, the better.

Hiring Payment Plan Criminal Defense Attorneys

The truth is, you get what you pay for. Yet many try to nickel and dime their legal fees only to find they are very dissatisfied when the case is over. When accused of a criminal offense, you want a skilled criminal defense lawyer, not a bill collector. Lawyers who routinely take payment plans in criminal cases have a crushing caseload that makes it virtually impossible to give you the best representation. The law firm is a business, has expenses, and has to pay bills every month. When criminal defense lawyers fail to get their fee up front and have to wait on payments, they take more cases to make up the difference.

What You Should Do If Accused of a Crime in Fort Walton Beach, FL

Three things can make a big difference in your case: Do not make a statement to the police, hire the best lawyer you can find as quickly as possible and be prepared to pay up front. Virtually all criminal defense lawyers take credit cards, and if you need a payment plan, this is often your best option.

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