The Potato Is No Longer A Side Dish—Just Think About Taking The Least Expensive Food With Great Nutritional Value And Turning It Into An Enjoyable, Tasty Meal!

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July 2013

Spokane, Wash. — Potatoes are one of those foods that people often have a love/hate relationship with, especially when it comes to baking them in the oven or on the barbeque.  They’re easy to love when they finally get cooked, so they can be loaded up with butter and all kind of other goodies.  On the other hand, they take too long to cook, the center can often be too hard and the skin sometimes tastes like dirt.

We happen to love potatoes.  That’s why for the last 13 years we’ve been testing, creating and putting together a fool-proof system to bake an evenly cooked potato in less time with a zesty, crispy edible skin.  You might even say that we have reinvented the method for baking the ultimate potato!

So who are we?  We are Leon and Kimberly Frechette, creators of Spud Spikes®, The Original Food-Grade Stainless Steel 6-inch Baking Potato Spikes, as well as our Gourmet Potato Skin Rubs and Everyday Seasonings (Pepper, Original Blend and Garlic)—all made in the U.S.A.!

Being in business for 36 years in both remodeling and cooking has helped us build a better product.  Although the so-called “potato nails” have been around for years, they don’t perform as designed because they are too short, very thin and are not healthy because they are made from aluminum or non–food-grade stainless steel.

Spud Spikes reduce the cooking time when inserted through the center lengthwise in the potato by transferring heat through the spike to the center of the potato, thus helping it to cook evenly from the inside out—whether you’re baking, grilling or barbequing. 

As part of the manufacturing process, we have control over the products we bring to the market.  By creating a potato spike at the proper length and diameter and from high-grade 100% stainless steel, we have produced a food utensil that is safe and works as designed. 

One question we get asked all the time is, “What stops me from going to my local hardware store to purchase nails?”  It’s simple.  Our grade of stainless steel and length cannot be purchased at your local hardware store.  The Spike Spikes product is not just a nail—it’s a food-grade stainless-steel food utensil.

Our Gourmet Original Blend Potato Skin Rub and Everyday Seasoning is used on the skin of the potato, along with olive oil, before baking, grilling or barbequing to deliver an edible, zesty skin, where most of the vitamins and nutrients are located.  We use sea salt to help achieve a crispy potato skin.  The seasoning is iodine-, gluten- and fat-free, and contains no MSGs, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors.  This is the healthiest gourmet seasoning on the market! 

Can a potato be exciting?  You bet!  By using our new Baked Potato System, you can take an ordinary potato and give it some personality.  The real question is, do you want to eat a potato that looks like you just dug it up, or do you want a potato with a crispy skin, a tempting aroma and a presentation that looks so delicious that you can’t wait to devour it? 

We are helping consumers eat healthier potatoes that taste better!  Potatoes are the number-one vegetable crop worldwide.  They help prevent cancer and control high blood pressure and diabetes.  We recommend eating the vitamin- and nutrient-dense skin. 

  • Fiber moves cancer-causing compounds out before they cause harm.  The skin of a baked potato contains 20% of its nutritional value.
  • Choose cancer-fighting fats and avoid the bad—cook with olive oil.
  • Aluminum potato nails may cause aluminum to accumulate in the body, possibly even leading to osteoporosis or Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Chemists have found that heating potatoes in a microwave produces significant levels of acrylamide, a chemical known to have caused nerve damage in people exposed to it (Stockholm University).
  • Garlic adds flavor and is a cancer-fighting punch of valuable nutrients.
  • One medium-sized potato with skin contains 45% of the daily value for Vitamin C and 10% percent of the daily value for Vitamin B6.  Potatoes contain more potassium (620 mg) than bananas, spinach or broccoli.  Most of the carbohydrates in potatoes are complex carbs, the body’s main energy source.  You get all of this goodness for just 110 calories with no fat, sodium or cholesterol!

Does our Baked Potato System really work?  Yes, it does!  Because Spud Spikes conduct oven heat into the center of your food, it speeds up the baking time.  The less time your oven runs, the more you save on your utility bills!  Enjoy delicious baked and roasted foods, not microwaved substitutes.  Reduced cooking time will depend on the potato variety, number of potatoes and method of cooking.  Our testing in a convention gas oven at 425ºF with our Baking Potato System yields six 5-inch potatoes in 40 to 45 minutes.

To achieve crispy, edible skins with a zesty flavor, rub or spray the potato skin with olive oil once the Spud Spikes have been inserted.  Next, sprinkle the oiled potatoes with our Gourmet Original Blend Potato Skin Rub and Everyday Seasoning.  To learn more about baking the ultimate potato, go to

If you want quick, healthy meals, try our method!  If you follow these simple steps, you’ll find that Spud Spikes reduce baking time by up to 50% (translating into money savings!) and you will enjoy evenly cooked potatoes. 

First, preheat the oven to 325 to 450°F (depending on the size and number of potatoes and the type of stove). Next, clean and dry the potato skins, pricking the skins a few times with a fork, and insert a Spud Spike lengthwise into each potato.

Next, spray the potato skin with olive oil followed by sprinkling them with our Gourmet Original Blend Potato Skin Rub and Everyday Seasoning.  Place the potatoes on a broiler rack sitting on a sheet pan covered with parchment paper and put the pan on the oven’s middle rack.  Turn the potatoes over halfway through the estimated baking time, and turn the pan 180 degrees as well.  Before turning, use a toothpick to see how easy it is to reach the spike by poking the potato.  This will help you judge your overall baking time. 

Finally, when you think the potatoes are done, check to see whether you can remove the Spud Spikes without resistance by using an oven mitt and/or kitchen tongs.  If they come out too fast, the potatoes may be overdone.  With time and practice, you’ll learn how many potatoes you can cook at a time, their sizes and how long it will take.  You’ll also learn which baking method works best for you (i.e., conventional or convection oven or BBQ) and whether you prefer crispy or soft skin.

What can you do with leftover potatoes?  Place the potatoes in the refrigerator in an open dish covered with a paper towel once they cool down.  This will maintain the crispy skins.  Placing them in a plastic bag will only yield a soft, wet skin that doesn’t work well when reheating or cooking the leftover potatoes.  Recipe ideas can be found on our Facebook page at  Here are some favorite ideas for leftover potatoes:

  1. Twice Baked: You can reheat a baked potato by placing it back in the oven for about 25 minutes at 300°F.
  2. Twice Baked with Broccoli and Cheese: Whether the potato is twice baked or newly baked, it tastes great with broccoli and cheese placed into the center of the potato.
  3. Twice Baked with Mexican Four-Cheese Blend: Try putting some Mexican four-cheese blend over butter and our Gourmet Original Blend Potato Skin Rub and Everyday Seasoning on an open potato.
  4. Potato Wedges: Cut the potatoes into wedges, spray with olive oil and sprinkle with our Gourmet Garlic Potato Skin Rub and Everyday Seasoning.  Bake at 300°F for about 25 to 30 minutes, depending on how crispy you want them.
  5. Chili Baked Potato: Cut a hot baked potato into bite-size pieces and place it in a bowl with your favorite chili and cheese.
  6. Baked Potato Salad: Similar to the chili baked potato, except that once you place the bite-size potato pieces in the bowl, follow it up with chopped romaine lettuce.  Add chili and cheese on top of the lettuce.
  7. Breakfast Potatoes: Cut up some baked potatoes into bite-size pieces and place in a 10-inch skillet.  Sauté with olive oil on medium heat.  Add mushrooms, celery, red peppers and parsley, and season with our Gourmet Pepper Potato Skin Rub and Everyday Seasoning.
  8. Breakfast Potatoes with Eggs: Once your breakfast potatoes are at the desired texture, stir in some premixed eggs, being careful not to overcook the eggs.  Serve this simple dish with salsa.

Other uses for our Spud Spikes: Grill brats or sausages on the BBQ using Spud Spikes and reduce the cooking time by 50%.  After the nail is removed, the brat or sausage remains straight—a bonus if you plan to eat it in a bun!

Our Spud Spikes Baked Potato System, which retails for $24.99, contains four 6-inch food-grade stainless steel spikes, storage tube, and our 3.2-oz. Gourmet Original Blend Potato Skin Rub and Everyday Seasoning.  To learn more about other Spud Spikes products, visit

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