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PRESS RELEASE (06/11/2013) – This news is about a series of 4 books ebooks epub, published on, kindle, amazon create space,Google books, Google play,,Apple ibookstore itune,nook barnes & noble, Sony reader,Copia,gardeners,Baker & Taylor,Essentral,Kobo in Mondadori, Scibd,and all the prestigious channel of distribution of books ebooks epub . Just cleek Angelo Aulisa books on Google. The series is about self help, not fiction, is about meditation and consciousness, The title The mood and the lotus , The empty desire or (The nature of desire), Lu Samadhi, Satoyama, author Angelo Aulisa just cleek on Google Angelo Aulisa books.

In this series of books you learn the most sophisticate method of meditation to rediscover realize your original soul ( singularity) self, you learn about the 7 astral body of your organic unity , and the vertical dimension of your bean or (singularity) soul call as you like . I call it singularity because when you approach a singularity old theory are useless, you need new approach, and the soul is such a case and singularity. Ordinary people live in a horizontal dimension , in the ego, mind unconscious, were the past projected into the present and the present into a imaginary future, were the happyness remain a godot at the horizont. The present of the horizontal dimension is a disease present because it come from past tradiction past projected and conditioning the present ,and so is the future imaginary.All this 3 tense are dead , the past is no more, the present is disease, the future is yet to come. When you experience the vertical dimension a quantum leap happen a irrational jump into your bean or (singularity) , and past present future melt annihilated into a presentless present vertical . Your bean or singularity is like a atom contain ( protons, neutrons, eletrons ) which are ( past present future) but your bean or (singularity) is not in them , your bean is trascendental live in a presentless present , in a vertical dimension of deeper and higher, here flowing were time and space annihilated , and you have the experience realization of your bean or (singularity). Of your eternity, in essence your bean is eternal immortal. 

In this series you learn the immortality of your essence, the secret of eternity beginless endless, so is the consciousness of a human bean in essence eternal immortal. The form will change  disappear, from light to light, but the empty consciousness is eternal , omnipresent .Meditation is the alchemy to be one intrinsic whit it , and this alchemy once learn last eternally. This alchemy will cause your conscious spiritual evolution expansion , annihiliation into the empty consciousness intrinsic one whit it for eternity to come . And the benefit of this alchemy are immense , a life fearless of the greatest fiction of death, a life of peace, compassion, harmony, balance, loviness, celebration. Whit deep roots into universal consciousness one intrinsic one whit it , a life whit a deep awareness of the eternity immortality of your essence, life change alot when you dont fear death. 

For me humanity deserve to live a new down of consciousness, just a empty consciousness no content no adjective or label , the reality as it is , you cannot define the infinite all definition are partial artificial human made. Humanity deserve to come out of this retarded spiritual state that is in , to come out of this dark night of the soul, superstition, prejudice, ignorance, past tradition , slavery . Humanity deserve need to live contemporary to our age , in tune whit modern phisic, outer science, inner science mysticism meditation , the empty consciousness the source. My proposal is a new down of consciousness for the entire world , just one empty consciousness no content , for all universe or multiverses, and forms of it .

Follow and learn more on Google just cleek Angelo Aulisa books.ebooks, epub, . By love all of you Angelo Aulisa

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