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LIGHTNING RELEASES: TORONTO (2/5/2014)– The Daily Mac View, a website devoted to all things Apple/Mac announced that they have made significant improvements to the site and have integrated new contributors as part of the ongoing effort to enhance the site visitor/user experience. Additionally, The Daily Mac View will feature easier navigation and highly specialized articles for the beginner into the the Apple/Mac ecosystem. 

Kerry Dawson, a veteran IT specialist with over 30 years experience who launched the website said, “its always been my ambition to grow the site through the perspective of other Apple products enthusiasts, adding highly qualified contributors is a natural extension of that thought process”. 

“ With the addition of millions of new users to Apple products, we felt like it was time to dedicate the resources necessary to help those who have migrated from other systems” said Dawson. “ we have lots of information to share in that regard, after all, at one point we were all Apple “newbies”.

The Daily Mac View is sister sites with the Mac View and the two sites will continue to operate in tandem. While The Daily Mac View will include various articles from Apple experts, The Mac View invites readers to submit their own articles for inclusion on the site. 

The concept will further help to enhance the “community first” component that Dawson hopes to cultivate, building relationships within the context of Apple products discussion, as well as providing news from other trusted Apple sources.

“These are not “techy, geeky sites”, its about building relationships with our site visitors”.  

The Mac View can be accessed at while The Daily Mac View can be accessed at

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The Daily Mac View
Kerry Dawson
Toronto, Canada

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