The BrewsKey makes the Best Dressed at the 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards

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The BrewsKey: Unlock the Flavor of Your BeerThe Best Dressed at the 2014 GRAMMY Awards® Will Be the Beer

The BrewsKey™, a gadget that dresses beer with natural lime and sea salt inside the bottle, to be featured in the official GRAMMY®s Gift Bag

LIGHTNING RELEASES: San Antonio, Texas (1/20/2014)- Tucked inside the swanky swag bags at the 56th Annual GRAMMY®s this year is the key to “unlock the flavor of your beer” — The BrewsKey — a little gadget that can build a chelada inside a beer bottle, using natural lime and sea salt.

How The BrewsKey works

There are two things needed to make a BrewsKey-dressed beer: the BrewsKey actuator and a flavor cup. The little cup contains 100% natural dehydrated lime and sea salt. “Lots of folks these days get their daily coffee fix from little flavor cups,” says BrewsKey marketing coordinator, Anne Gerber. “We say, why not their beer, too?”

The steps are simple:

  • Load a flavor cup inside The BrewsKey actuator
  • Place the loaded BrewsKey on top of the beer bottle
  • Slam it down. (Slam it again if more lime salt goodness is desired.)
    • The natural lime shoots into the beer, evenly distributed on the inside neck and through to the bottom
    • The sea salt lines the top rim and inside the bottleneck
  • It’s chelada time!

Got :30? See a quick product demo of The BrewsKey.

The BrewsKey isn’t just for use on beer bottles. See a demo application of The BrewsKey on a beer can!

Why in the world would I put salt and lime in my beer?

A chelada (Spanish translation: “my little cold one”) is simply a salt-rimmed glass of beer with lime added. In Texas, where the BrewsKey is manufactured, asking the bartender for a “dressed” beer is common. The bartender will stick a lime wedge in and sprinkle some salt on the bottleneck. Some say adding the salt and lime enhances the flavor of the beer; however, “it does have sort of an ‘ick-factor’ associated to it if you really let yourself think about it,” laughs Gerber. “With The BrewsKey, you never have to lick salt off a dirty beer bottleneck that contains a manhandled lime wedge.”

What the celebrities get on the big night

On GRAMMY Awards night, Presenters and Performers will each receive a BrewsKey Starter Kit, which includes The BrewsKey actuator and six flavor cups. They also get a box of 24 additional cups; all packaged together in a bright BrewsKey-lime green reusable shopping bag. Folks at home can get their own BrewsKey 2014 GRAMMYs gift bundle, too. The music industry’s premiere event will take place live on Sunday, January 26, at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles and will be broadcast in high-definition TV and 5.1 surround sound on the CBS Television Network  from 8 – 11:30 p.m. (ET/PT).

Where can I buy The BrewsKey?

The BrewsKey is available for purchase online at and at select retail locations in San Antonio. Online customers from the San Antonio area can choose a local pickup option and avoid shipping. BrewsKey reload flavor cups come in 12ct, 24ct, and 48ct box quantities. Wholesale inquiries about The BrewsKey are welcome.

Anne Gerber  Ashley Wyman 
210-382-9051 210-885-9101
BrewsKey 2014 GRAMMYs Press Area

About The BrewsKey

The BrewsKey is manufactured by Shinie Hinie, LLC in San Antonio, Texas. All ingredients and packaging for The BrewsKey are made in the USA.

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