The Anatomy of a $20k Plus Wig Made By Egypt Lawson at Hairline Illusions

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Celebrities have a lot of expendable income; They use this income for their elaborate lifestyles and beauty rituals. Spending money on everything from $1000 trips to the hair salon and thousands of dollars worth of spa and dermatological procedures, I have wondered if they are just getting a superstar sized price hike. That was until I learned how much some of these stars often pay for their wigs and all the hard work that goes into them..

At a recent star-studded event, I overheard a celebrity lamenting the price of her hair to her stylist. “For twenty grand, you would think that my hair would do itself!” she said as she impatiently waited for her final primping to be complete. My usually bulletproof decorum broke momentarily and I gasped. “Twenty thousand dollars… For a wig?” I asked, trying to collect myself. “Of course!” she explained; “If you’re looking for the absolute best wig in the world, its the price you pay”. Then she began telling me about the wig maker responsible for this gorgeous wig; Egypt Lawson.

The Luxury Wig Maker to The Stars

Egypt Lawson is responsible for the most guarded beauty secrets of her many celebrity clientele. Celebrating over twelve years since the launch of her website, Hairline Illusions founder Egypt Lawson has been a wig making industry leader for many years.

Her work is worn by numerous public figures in film, television, and even in publications such as Vogue Japan. She is a celebrity stylists best friend.

What Makes Hairline Illusions So Different?

Hairline Illusions is the maker of the worlds most sought after wig; the Black Label collection. In both hair quality and workmanship, these wigs are the most rare and most desired wigs that money can buy.

If a client wants twenty inches of hair, it will need to come from multiple sources. Using a tedious process and double-drawn rare human hair, Hairline Illusions will draw out all of the shorter hairs and regrowth that are naturally found in donor ponytails. A wig with 20” long hair might require between 10 and 20 donor ponytails of at least 24” in length.

For ponytails of that length, a wig maker can expect to pay between $500 and $1000 each, depending upon their origin. This is what allows a wig to maintain a healthy and luxurious look; none of the thinness or sparse look at the ends that you would surely see in natural hair of that length.

Understanding the Cost of Black Label Wigs

Creating these Black Label wigs in a time intensive process that requires hundreds of hours of careful work. These rare and stunningly beautiful creations are made with the highest standards in mind. Because of their time consuming nature and the amount of resources required to create them, only the most exclusive clients are able to secure a spot on the waiting list for Black Label wigs. Each of these unique pieces are and thoughtfully made by Egypt personally, which may serve to explain the two year waiting period.

Depending upon the amount of hours and the cost of the hair used, these wigs can easily exceed the $20,000 price point. The foundation used for each wig is a unique creation made specifically for the wearer. In turn, the clients that purchase Black Label wigs expect a wig that will look realistic close up in person or on film.

For those seeking the Hairline Illusions luxury without the five figure price tag, wigs with remy hair and mesh style wig caps begin at $3000.

Classes are also offered to learn how to make and maintain these beautiful tresses.

Often I come across many people who say they would never pay that much for a wig or the price is too high; To those people I say you generally have to pay for things of good quality and for those looking for the best of the best and have the expendable income to do so these items are for you. Everything is not for everyone and many people would like a Rolls Royce or a Birkin bag, etc… But you should not spend your last on these items if it is not in your budget to do so. These Items are reserved for those who when shopping money is no object. In my opinion these are the best wigs you can buy and if you have $20,000 to spend you will look absolutely fabulous.

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