The Adventures of Awesome Cat in the Cosmic World e-Book released

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Volumes 1, 2 & 3 to be available on the Apple Store

PRESS RELEASE: NEW YORK, New York (August 10, 2013) – Awesome Cat creator, Jeffrey Zaay, and visual artist, Hyun K Cho, have announced the release of The Adventures of Awesome Cat in the Cosmic World as an e-Book on August 8. The story of Atticus, the teen cat, is already available in bookstores, but the electronic versions of volumes one through three will be available on the Apple Store.

Although meant largely for a younger audience, Zaay said, “The book targets children from 9 to 12 years old, but will appeal to anyone who likes picture books and good storytelling.”

“I think Atticus is growing just like everyone out there. He has many flaws and imperfections, and I’m hoping for the young readers to relate to it for the simple fact that we don’t always know everything and it takes perseverance to know what you can be good at.”

About The Adventures of Awesome Cat

Atticus, also known as 8, is anything but awesome and desperately wants to impress his friends. His quest for acceptance among the group is put on hold when his motorcycle crashes in a fairground. It’s there that he finds his lost dog, Boris, just as a portal opens. Cats from another galaxy grab Atticus to claim the power of his supernatural hands. A pretty cat by the name of Anabelle saves him so he can meet Norg, the Rockkeeper, for advice. Norg explains his hands hold the power to save the universe. Reluctant to fulfill the destiny described, he instead only wants to find his missing father. Time is running out while the Red Cat’s army, controlled by Lord Vastfear, destroys stars and threatens the Ruby Fortress inside the Diamond Planet. While strange beings try to convince Atticus that he indeed does hold great power, Norg, Boris and Anabelle fight to stave off the universe’s demise.

About the artists

Born and raised in Costa Rica, Jeffrey Zaay has long been involved in music and writing. A self-taught vocalist, he has increasingly found love to be the driving factor in his art. Awesome Cat is his latest self-published work, but Zaay also released an EP titled “Wall Made Out of Her,” in 2011.


[The Adventures of Awesome Cat e-Book released]

Hyun K. Cho brought the story together as the visual artist. When she wasn’t working, Cho traveled between Canada and the U.S. to get an education. She also shares Zaay’s interest in music, and plays the piano and guitar. The two have a charismatic working relationship and manage their work as business partners.


To learn more about this book or the artists, please contact the creators of Awesome Cat on their website at


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