Teen Helpline in Burkburnett, TX Gives Hope for Addiction Recovery

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New substance helpline provides valuable information for young adults in Burkburnett seeking sobriety.

LIGHTNING RELEASES (3/17/2014) – Many teenagers in Burkburnett, TX who experiment with drugs and alcohol end up developing substance abuse issues. Long-term dependency on drugs, alcohol, or prescription medications can cause physical, mental and emotional trauma. A new helpline in Burkburnett is assisting local young adults to find the treatment and support that they need to overcome their addictions and regain control of their lives.

Finding the right drug and alcohol rehab facility can be difficult without access to correct information. There are several options available to young adults who want to end address their addiction issues. The goal is to find the best rehab facility with the best and most affordable treatment option for each patient. The helpline can be reached by calling (940) 202-8229 and is designed to find the right treatment facility and program for their struggles with substance abuse. Parents are also encouraged to call the helpline to access information on the best available and affordable rehab facilities

Substance abuse can bring severe consequences. Getting immediate help is essential.  The sooner an addict begins treatment, the better their chances of successfully progressing through the recovery process and living a sober and healthy life. Additional information on teenage rehab and recovery facilities and treatment programs can be found on the helpline’s corresponding website at www.drugrehab-burkburnett.com.

About the helpline:

Calling the helpline gives teens in Burkburnett, TX struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction the best opportunity to overcome their substance abuse issues. Young addicts and their parents can quickly gain access to valuable information about rehab centers and available programs for adolescent.   If your son or daughter is suffering from a chemical dependency, call the helpline today at (940) 202-8229, or email mail@drugrehab-burkburnett.com for more information.

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