Tampa, Florida Job Seekers Now Have a Way to Help the Community Just by Circulating Their Resumes

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PRESS RELEASE (5/28/2013) Tampa, Florida residents who are searching for jobs can now get their resume in front of a Think Tank recruitment outsourcer with hundreds of openings while helping feed the hungry at the same time — and it won’t cost them a dime.

The WorkPlace Group, a full-service, recruitment process outsourcing provider that matches top companies with qualified job candidates has pledged to make a food donation to the Salvation Army in Tampa, Fla. for every qualified resume it receives for its openings in Tampa.

The effort is part of the “Use Your Resume to Fight Hunger” campaign. The more resumes The WorkPlace Group receives, the more food it will donate to the Salvation Army in Tampa. Job seekers simply need to go to  www.YouGiveGoods.com/UseYourResumeToFightHunger, where they can upload their resumes online to participate.

Linking job recruitment to a large-scale food drive has never been done before, but the idea seemed like a natural way for The WorkPlace Group to combine its proven track record at placing people in jobs with its passion for helping those in need.

“This is unique in that it benefits everyone involved,” said WorkPlace Group Executive Partner, Steven Lindner.  “Job seekers can help their communities while getting the attention of our client who is hiring, we benefit by attracting potential employees for our client and our client benefits by receiving qualified candidates to fill their open positions. The more successful the campaign is the more everyone wins.”

The WorkPlace Group hopes to lead the way in rethinking how businesses can help the areas they serve Linder said.  He hopes this becomes a bigger trend in linking business success with socially conscious efforts at improving the community.

The Tampa Area currently has an 8 percent unemployment rate, according to Hillsboro County Labor Study: Labor Market Study (2013).  The WorkPlace Group was recently charged with helping to fill a large number of positions in the Tampa area. The WorkPlace Group is looking to fill a number of Customer Contact Sales Associate positions.  To qualify, applicants must have one year of customer service and sales experience within the past five years, hold a High School diploma or GED and be comfortable navigating through multiple online systems while speaking to customers.

There are currently thousands of people served by the Salvation Army in Tampa. In an effort to help alleviate unemployment and hunger facing the community, The WorkPlace Group partnered with YouGiveGoods.com, which hosts online food drives. The WorkPlace Group has already committed to donating one ton of food to the Salvation Army in Tampa.  The more qualified resumes The WorkPlace Group receives, the more food it promises to donate.

The Tampa area unemployment rate peaked in February 2010 and the job market has been improving since.  Top Talent now has many job choices as competition among employers for talent has significantly increased.  “To attract top talent we need to stand-out from the crowd.  Use Your Resume to Fight Hunger campaign is one significant way to attract the attention of Top Talent and give back to the local community,” says Steven Lindner, Executive Partner of The WorkPlace Group.

“We’re thrilled to work with The WorkPlace Group team,” said Patrick O’Neill, CEO of YouGiveGoods.  “We see more and more companies using our website to incorporate giving back with other objectives they are seeking to achieve.”

“We chose to support The Salvation Army because we believe they are a great organization and we know that they can use more food to meet their mission of helping the hungry in the greater Tampa area,” according to Lindner.  “We’re looking to donate one ton of food to them from our drive.”

Lindner continued, “Our Company has a tradition of giving back. By incorporating a charitable cause into our recruitment strategy, we are inspiring qualified candidates to help the hungry in their community simply by applying to our Customer Contact Sales Associate openings in Tampa.”

According to Karen Heinemann, Development Director for The Salvation Army – Tampa, “This is a terrific and creative way for people here in Tampa to help those who are hungry in our community.”

For more information please visit www.workplacegroup.com and www.YouGiveGoods.com/UseYourResumeToFightHunger


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