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LIGHTNING RELEASES 03/13/14 — Fredericksburg, VA –How do we live a life of fearlessness during times of personal challenge?  We may seek guidance from someone experienced in meeting challenges head on who could give us a better perspective on how to move forward without fear. Sue Pighini has been doing just that for over 15 years as a highly successful Life Transition Coach. To help her discover more of her own fearlessness, she decided to take her first horseback riding lesson at the age of 60, introducing her to the unique, powerful and loving energy of horses.

“A horse’s heart, and therefore their intuition, is five times greater than our own,” says Sue. “I remember thinking, ‘How much faster could I help my clients by partnering with the keen intuition of horses to facilitate change?’”

Today, Sue is the co-founder, along with her husband, John, of Livin’ the Dream Ranch where they coach individuals to “pursue their life’s passion through Magical Equine Encounters.”  With the help of Skye, Nic, Bandit and Big Red, Livin’ the Dream Ranch offers clients an opportunity to discover more about themselves by connecting with the wisdom and unique intuitive energy of the horse.

“Living life to the fullest is always about overcoming fear,” says Pighini. “The most important thing to me is to help my clients understand that they are the ones in charge of their lives. Horses encourage us to identify our challenges and find our strengths.”

According to Sue, people are typically fearful of horses because of their size and power. In truth, they are among the sweetest animals you’ll find. They simply require safety, security (food) and leadership. When you approach the horse properly so there is no fear on the animal’s part, they become your partner.

“Horses empower us,” says Pighini. “We think, ‘If this animal can trust me and depend upon me, I owe them the best part of myself.’”

Sue has even used horses with clients suffering from life-threatening illnesses. She says the difference the horses were able to make in their healing process has been nothing short of remarkable. Sue schedules phone sessions with her clients before they decide to “partner up” with an equine friend, so that a warm, working relationship is established first for the client.

“When you connect with pure energy from nature, it’s empowering,” says Pighini. “You realize you’re supported by a universal power, a greater wisdom. At Livin’ the Dream Ranch, you’re standing right next to it.”

Close-Up Talk Radio will feature Sue Pighini in a two-part interview with Jim Masters on March 18th at 2pm EST and with Doug Llewelyn on March 25th at 2pm EST.

Listen to the show If you have a question for our guest, call (347) 996-3389.

For more information on Livin’ the Dream Ranch, visit

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