StarLeaf Goes Behind the Scenes to Fast Track Global Video Calling and Conferencing for Service Providers

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StarLeaf’s new Service Provider Program offers seamless integration and customization to deliver own brand software and video as a service.

PRESS RELEASE: Sunnyvale, CA. (September 19, 2013)- StarLeaf, cloud-based manufacturer of video conferencing and calling solutions, announced a Managed Services Partner Program that delivers video equipment resellers, video managed service providers and telecommunication service providers all that they need to extend their portfolio with their own brand of business video as a service. It includes the white labeling of a business video software client and all end user communications.

Without requiring any up-front investment in back-end infrastructure, StarLeaf offers a risk free route to integrating video calling and conferencing into current product and service offerings. It enables Service Provider partners to generate incremental revenue from existing customers, to gain entry into new markets and to create ongoing recurring revenue streams.

 “Up until now, the development of a video conferencing service has been a rich man’s game, with only those that can invest millions in development and costly infrastructure, being able to take part,” said StarLeaf CEO, Mark Loney. “As a manufacturer of video endpoints managed from our cloud service, we are in a unique position to customize both the service and the endpoints, giving ‘would be’ and established service providers a seamless solution right out of the box – all without the need for heavy financial or technical investments.”

StarLeaf’s Managed Services Partner Program delivers seamless customization of its StarLeaf Call cloud service and the StarLeaf endpoints. It allows the Service Provider to take delivery of an own brand video calling and conferencing service, which builds upon brand-loyalty and leaves end customers unaware of the supporting infrastructure. Integral to the StarLeaf solution is a range of hardware devices for desktops and meeting rooms. These systems feature a touch screen emblazoned with the third party’s company name and logo. The same is true for the user interface of the StarLeaf Breeze software client. StarLeaf will also customize end user communications such as automatic emails, support listings etc.

“StarLeaf is challenging the industry norms by offering easy to deploy and cost efficient cloud video conferencing,” said Roopam Jain, Principal Analyst, Frost & Sullivan. “With this program, service providers that target customer organizations of any size will have an elegant way to expand the reach of their service offerings, while maintaining a unified brand identity. [StarLeaf] Partners that offer these compelling white label services will gain a competitive advantage within their customer base.”

StarLeaf Call is an open and secure video conferencing and calling service for point-to-point and multi-party meetings. Key for partners and Service Providers is the direct access to StarLeaf’s web portal, which provides all that they need to provision and manage customer accounts. As an own brand service, partners are able to offer local and global coverage, with the most efficient routing for all video calls and conferences. With central management and provisioning of endpoints, their end customers are assured of easy deployment and plug and play simplicity with StarLeaf desktop and room systems.

In addition, by integrating the StarLeaf Call service as a white label offering, the Service Provider will be able to offer its customers:

· A branded software client

· Registration of existing standards-based video equipment

· Ability to call anyone on any standards-based device

· Assured excellent voice and video call quality

· Reservation-less conferencing

· Directory services

· Multi-party conferencing  

· Virtual meeting rooms and meet me services

· Ability to meet anyone over video with Guest Invite feature

· Screen sharing and video conferencing simultaneously

· Video mail, call history, call transfer, forward, hunt groups, speed-dials and presence

· Easy provisioning and management through a single web portal

· All calls authenticated and encrypted

· Failsafe with full redundancy

· Multiple data centers operating 24×7

· Total interoperability with all existing video (H.323/SIP)

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StarLeaf delivers business HD video conferencing and calling solutions, managed from the cloud, that anyone can use and deploy without training or IT support. They have been designed for today’s workforce, are completely open yet secure, and connect anyone-to-anyone, on-demand, anytime and anywhere, giving individuals and teams all the flexibility they need to collaborate while on the move, at the office or from home.

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