SPX Communications Inc. Announces the Debut of Their Innovative Online Reviews Display and Reputation Protection

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PRESS RELEASE: Santa Cruz, CA (July 15, 2013) – SPX Communications, Inc., a California designer of innovative web-based software products and services, today announced the online debut of their new customizable, instant online Reviews sites, Unyelpme.com and Unyelped.com. These are the two halves of a self-serve instant Reviews page generator, designed to display and manage customer Reviews and repair and protect the reputations of businesses of many types, sizes and locations.

Getting youir own reviews site requires three simple steps: 1) Signup (it’s free)2) Tweak your Profile  3) Import your reviews

UnYelpme.com was created to serve the many thousands of businesses that are reporting that their business is being damaged from two directions: 1) from spiteful, overly negative, or libelous online reviews,  2) from the effects of  their customers’ reviews, both favorable and unfavorable, being manipulated, hidden, re-sorted out of date order by online reviews companies. A large number of businesses across a wide spectrum of business types are reporting that they’re being either virtually re-branded, damaged or even ruined by the effects of the above. Also their competitors’ businesses are often promoted, along with their own reviews, which can even further affect them negatively.

With this new Unyelpme product, any business owner can create their own permanent public reviews website online in moments. It will display and showcase reviews written only by their own genuine customers. The business owner can very quickly bring in these reviews from various forums, blogs and reviews sites and other web sites and drop them into their Unyelpme Reviews database.  As they do so, their new Unyelped Reviews page instantly updates to reflect these new reviews.  Once they download the Reviews Here link code, place it on their own company’s website, they’re done.

From that moment, prospective or past customers can read a company’s reviews, write new ones via the Reviews link right there on that company’s own existing website. The huge advantages for business are:  

1. They will never have to deal with libelous or predatory reviews or manipulation of reviews.

                        2. Visitors will never see advertising, nor promotional messaging about their competitors.

3. No new Review ever goes live until the business owner approves it.

Finally, as visitors read  the business’ Reviews page they can push or tweet it out onto any or all of the social networks with one or two simple clicks of a mouse button, to share with other potential customers.  After 30 days’ free trial, the total cost for any business is $99 per year.

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