Sports Trading Club golf savant strikes gold for the third time with Jason Dufner winning the US PGA Championship

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PRESS RELEASE (8/12/2013) – The online sports trading world is stunned following the news that the phenomenally successful Sports Training Club and their woman golf savant has again successfully selected the winner of a major golf tournament.

Last week the Sports Trading Club announed that  American Jason Dufner was their standout to win the US PGA Championship at the price of 42 – 1.

This morning journeyman Dufner won by two shots, two years after being beaten for the title in a playoff. The Sports Trading Club has reportedly won millions of dollars on the event worldwide with betting exchanges.

Dufner bogeyed the final two holes but fired a final round two-under 68 at Oak Hill Country Club to finish on 10-under-par 270, two clear of countryman and 2003 champion Jim Furyk who failed to mount any pressure at the death.

There has been worldwide interest in the Sports Trading Club ( golf savant since earlier this year when she selected Billy Horschel to record his first PGA Tour victory in the Zurich Classic despite him being a 36-1 outsider.

She then chose Harris English to win  golf’s FedEx St. Jude Classic by for his first title on the U.S. PGA Tour and in so doing firmly elevated the Sport Trading Club savant to the highest echelons of great golf gurus.  

Her three extraordinary successes has stunned the sports betting world who fear the consequences of her accuracy.

Her selection of Billy Horschel, then Harris English and now Jason Dufner  reinforces the belief that the Sports Trading Club has an incredible inside advantage with trading on golf, a sport which sees multi-million dollars sums wagered weekly.

The Sports Trading Club created The Insight Project, a world first with the study of savants and sports trading.

It is led by their scientific director Dr. Allan Snyder, FRS who, for some 20 years, has conducted ground breaking research on savants at both the Australian National University and the University of Sydney.

“We have embraced the extraordinary skills of savants to give ourselves a unique advantage,” said Dr Snyder.

“Certain savants unmask patterns that others can’t see and are bewilderingly quick at performing calculations and recalling enormous amounts of data, “ he said.

Dr. Snyder, himself a living genius and brilliant learned scholar, believes that certain savants have a distinct  advantage in sports trading, which gives the Sports Trading Club a diagnostic edge that no one else can achieve.

Dr Snyder would say little about the identity of the Savant except that she lives in the USA and four years ago she had never even watched a game of golf.

A small subset of autistics, known as savants, can perform super specialised mental feats.

Savant syndrome is a condition in which a person demonstrates profound and prodigious capacities and abilities far in excess of what would be considered normal.

Perhaps the most famous savant was Dustin Hoffman’s character in ”Rain Man,” who could count hundreds of matchsticks at a glance.

But the truth has often been even stranger: one celebrated savant in turn-of-the-century Vienna could calculate the day of the week for every date since the birth of Christ.

Other savants can speak dozens of languages without formally studying any of them or can reproduce music at the piano after only a single hearing.”

The Sports Trading Club, which  operates as a private investors group in England, recently allowed the general public to become associate members  in Australia.

It reported a 713% profit for the first half of 2013 sending a clear message to investors that trading on sports and prediction markets is an emerging industry to rival traditional financial markets.

STC recently expanded into South Africa and South Korea is now looking toward expanding throughout Europe and Asia. 

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