Sosvia Inc., Aims to Prevent Children from Having Access to Online Pornography and Educate Them on Safe Internet Use

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San Diego, California (April 16th, 2013)- Sosvia Inc., a company focused on intelligent Internet filtering, promotes the safe use of Internet by teaching parents and kids about the dangers online in order to prevent children from accessing inappropriate content, with its antipornography filter SAINT App.

Online pornography is only a click away; 9 out of 10 children have accidentally seen pornography on the Internet before the age of 18, while 47% of online searches such as video games, and children’s toys generate pornography accidentally, usually because of a type-o. The damage and consequences it produces in the individual and society as a whole are staggering. Sosvia Inc., has taken the fight against pornography and at the same time protect children’s innocence.

On April 13th, 2013 SAINT App participated alongside Facebook, Microsoft and Google Mexico, in an event in Tijuana, Mexico that aimed to promote the benefits of modern day technology, while learning about both the advantages and mishaps. “Most of the time, parents have no idea what goes on online, much less what kids can access with an unprotected Internet”, said Valentin Favela, Keynote Speaker, who represented SAINT App by giving a talk titled “Online Pornography and its Dangers” during the event.

The key emphasis that the presentation points out is to teach and encourage parents to talk to their kids about safe Internet use; this should not go unnoticed as many parents believe that having parental controls on their children’s computers is an invasion of privacy. Everything that is posted, shared, and viewed online can be seen and accessed by anyone so it is important that kids know what is safe and what is not, it is not a privacy issue. SAINT App recommends that computers should be placed in common areas; and antipornography filters such as SAINT App be installed on family and kid’s computers, especially since parents cannot always be present to monitor children’s activity.  

Sosvia Inc., has conferences scheduled throughout Mexico and United States for the remainder of this year to talk to parents and kids about the dangers of online pornography and safe Internet use as a whole. Having an antipornography filter on kid’s computers should be second nature just like wearing a helmet when riding a bike, children cannot surf the web without protection against sexually explicit content.

About Sosvia Inc.

Established in September 2008, Sosvia Inc., along with its SAINT Application was created for both the English and Spanish market. With headquarters in San Diego, California, we are at the crossroads of two cultures and strive to incorporate the best talent and technology on both sides of the border. “We want to educate parents and kids and create awareness so that a safe Internet is experienced by all,” as stated by Gabriel Cuervo, President and Chief Executive.


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