SOBERLINK Announces the Issuance of Patent for their Advanced Breath Alcohol Content Testing Device

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Cypress, CA – February 14, 2013  

SOBERLINK, Inc., a Southern California based technology company, has just revealed that US Patent No. 8,381,573 has been issued for their next generation remote alcohol monitoring device. The company has already gained significant attention for their automated alcohol monitoring products and has the distinction of manufacturing the world’s first ever handheld breathalyzer for remote monitoring of a person’s blood alcohol content using wireless technology. SL1 was the first product from the company, and this device made use of an external cellular module for the transmission of data. SL2 or SOBERLINK 2 is the advanced version with many user friendly enhancements.

SOBERLINK was founded in 2010 by Brad Keays, the present CEO of the company. Within a brief tenure, SOBERLINK has done well to stay ahead of the competition by coming up with a product that has yet to be matched by any other similar device in the industry. The SL2 device is equipped with unique features including an internal Verizon cellular module, GPS antenna, high definition camera, and Dart fuel cell sensor. This device is capable of transmission of data to an online cloud storage known as the SOBERLINK Monitoring Web Portal. The monitoring parties can activate the device on this secure website, and all reports are delivered in real-time to their online account. 

SL2 has already proven to be an excellent tool for applications like treatment addiction programs and criminal justice. Talking about the utility of the device, a pioneer of alcohol monitoring in the United States and Director of Professionals Health Services at Promises Treatment Centers, Dr. Gregory Skipper recently said, “SOBERLINK appears to be the most user-friendly, sensitive and specific way to monitor alcohol abstinence. My prediction is that SOBERLINK will soon replace all other forms of alcohol monitoring.”

Explaining the reason behind its increasing application in the criminal justice arena, the Senior District Judge, State of Texas, Vickers L. Cunningham, Sr. says, “Soberlink has revolutionized breath testing for criminal justice. The offender understands that if they are consuming alcohol in violation of a court order, we are going to find out instantly and also know where they are located.  Even the most technically challenged individual can use Soberlink and send a report. Soberlink works. Soberlink changes lives.” SL2 is also being used successfully to provide real time evidence in child custody related legal proceedings. 

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About the Company

SOBERLINK, Inc. is a technology based company that develops products to streamline and automate the remote alcohol monitoring process. SOBERLINK’s initial product holds the title of the first handheld breathalyzer to remotely monitor a person’s blood alcohol content using wireless technology.  The company was founded in 2010 and is now headquartered in Cypress, CA.  Call 714-975-7200 or visit to learn more.


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