Skymall Balanced Putter Offers Innovative Back Saving Feature.

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Phoenix, AZ (March 18, 2014)… It’s called the Eagle’s Grasp Putter and it is precision balanced and engineered to be multi-purposed.  First of all it’s “face balanced,” meaning that the face of the putter stays parallel to the ground when the lower part is on a flat surface.  This allows the golfer to see that the face of the putter is square to the ball without the shaft disrupting the line of vision.   Then when the ball has rolled neatly into the hole, the Eagle’s Grasp unique design allows the golfer to extract the ball without bending over.

The Eagle’s Grasp is a product of Addison Automatics Inc., a fairly small manufacturer. “ We needed greater market exposure to get the Eagle’s Grasp putter in front of potential customers,” commented Nicholas Costa, EE, Vice President of Addison.  “SkyMall is helping us meet this goal and we are happy to have this caliber of exposure in both their inflight catalog and on line at”

The Eagle’s Grasp Putter has gone through the approval process and conforms with the USGA rules and can be ordered in three sizes as well as right or left-handed. It sells for  $99.95, a small price for a great putter and a back saver.

SkyMall, LLC is a division of Xhibit Corp.

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