Sexy Raw Food and Fitness Announce Breakthrough Body Cleanse Retreat Programs for Wellness and Weight Loss

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WAKEFIELD, RI — Sexy Raw Food and Fitness, founder and president, Drew McCall Burke, AKA, “The Sexy Raw Vegan” announces a revolutionary organic green juice cleansing, mono eating and wellness program that presents the easiest and most effective way to lose 8 to 10 lbs. of toxic fat in 5 to 7 days.  Detoxing by juicing encourages vitalized new cells to form throughout your whole body, while you expel the toxins that are stored in your digestive tract.  Juicing and Yoga Retreats offer a full program for effective weight loss and fitness.

Drew McCall Burke, AKA, “The Sexy Raw Vegan”, president of Sexy Raw Food and Fitness, has written 6 books on the subject. “Great tasting recipes of fruits and vegetables are the most effective and popular Means to achieve a fun and successful juice cleanse.  There’s no need to buy prepackaged or processed juice products.  They all have chemicals or are preserved by pasteurized process, which kill the live enzymes naturally found within the fruits and vegetables.  The live enzymes are the energy that fuels your healthy cells. Cooking and processing kills the vital nutrients our bodies crave to rebuild and restore our health.” There are many books on the market that will offer step by step instructions, recipes, shopping lists and helpful tips for success.  If you want to enjoy an all Inclusive experience, Juice Cleanse and Raw Food Retreats are an exciting and fun experience for you to explore. Retreats are held all over the world in exotic Places like Costa Rica, St. Maarten, etc., as well as many state side events, like the Outer banks of North Carolina, Block Island , Rhode Island, St. Augustine, FL., etc.  Where ever you chose to experience the whole body cleanse, in your home or on retreat, it is a proven method to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Raw food preparation and juice cleansing seminars and workshops are the trending wave for health and fitness enthusiasts.  Now is the time for you to learn more about expelling toxins in your body and losing fat, by juice cleansing.  Sexy Raw Food & Fitness has announced the Juice and Yoga Event & Retreat Schedule for 2013:

  • Block Island Mother/Daughter Juicing Cleanse and Beauty Retreat, May 10 -16
  • Outer Banks, North Carolina, Juice Cleanse and Yoga Retreat  April 20-27
  • Costa Rica, Jaco Laguna, Body and Beauty Cleanse, June 20-27.


  1. Sexy Raw Vegan BIKINI CLEANSE – 10 Day Juice and Beauty Cleanse book, look great in a Bikini in 10 days.
  2. Sexy Raw Vegan UNDRESSINGS –LOW FAT DRESSINGS, no oil or vinegar and taste fabulous.

Contact James Burke by e-mail or by phone + 1 401 822-7727 for more information or for high resolution images to accompany this release.


SEXY RAW FOOD AND FITNESS, INC. offers health and wellness through a low fat raw vegan diet and programs. Founded by Drew McCall Burke, AKA, “The Sexy Raw Vegan”, SEXY RAW FOOD AND FITNESS also offers hundreds of ‘Rawcipes’ and Helpful Tips to get live raw food and fun fitness into people’s lives.  McCall Burke has been a professional fitness trainer for 20 years, studied Physical therapy, certified in Pilates, yoga, spinning, strength training and certified in plant based nutrition from Cornell’s China Study Program.  She’s also an innovative raw food chef, making quick and easy low fat raw vegan cuisine. A raw food mentor and coach, and a speaker on raw food nutrition.  Drew has also authored “Be a Sexy Raw Vegan in 30 Days” A 135 page colorful guide , with step by step shopping recipes, menus and how to make easy delicious raw food with new habits and whole organic food. For more information visit:

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