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To Dr. Kim,

I had prayed to Jesus to help me find a wonderful laser vein specialist in the Chandler area.   I went through some research, came across your website, and saw your picture and God’s peace settled on my heart.  My husband and I felt so good about calling you and having a consultation with you in October of this year. We are so happy we came to you to do the necessary laser vein surgeries I needed, as well as the sclero treatments.  I deeply appreciate your compassionate caring heart to comfort me before each surgery.   I have felt the sweet presence of the Lord in the room along with His angels guiding your hand, as well as all the wonderful staff working with you.  Thank you for making all my surgeries, follow-ups, and sclero treatments a most pleasant experience.  I appreciate someone calling me to see how I was doing after each surgery.  That meant so much to me  how you and your staff have such a caring  heart.  Thank you for being one of the finest, most sensitive and caring laser vein doctor in Arizona.  God has truly given you a most wonderful gift   to truly bless the lives of many people. After having seven laser vein surgeries done on my legs and having three sclero treatments I noticed that I feel great, have more energy, no more severe cramping in my legs, and I now get restful sound sleep at night!  Thank you so much.  You are a blessing!

The joy of this beautiful season is to remember Jesus as our beloved Saviour, the true Light   of the World…and to know how deeply He loves us and promises us eternal life as we continue to love and obey Him all the days of our lives.  He leaves us with His SHALOM…His peace, divine protection, welfare, safety, health, wholeness, completeness, soundness, prosperity, fullness, tranquility, rest, and harmony.  May you have

Dr. Kim, we deeply appreciate you so much. My husband and I would like to warmly invite you to come to our home for dinner with Jose’ sometime in the new year.

                                                             With Love & Heartwarming Gratitude,

                                                                           Bob & Jerrie Koroshes

Bellagio Clinic

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