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PRESS RELEASE: Milton Freewater, OR (10/2/2013) – February 2013 due to unforeseen circumstances, the Oasis closes down.  Because it is a restaurant that provides excellent food, everyone feels it will re-open in a few months, without incidence.  August came around, and it still had not re-opened.  This is very disappointing to a lot of people all over the Walla Walla valley.

In August, I decided that I wanted to purchase the Oasis.  I want to bring the building back to its origins; I want to have an opportunity to have a great steak menu.  Add, more chicken and pork.  Create a full Onion based menu.  And with so many Seventh-Day Adventists in the valley, I am also offering a full vegetarian menu.  We are looking at a late December Opening.

We are also separating the the bar from the main restaurant.  The bar itself will be located inside the Southern Building while the restaurant and the old barin the northern bar will be turned into a dessert bar.  Allowing the Oasis to be a full family style restaurant. 

There are a few things that need to be taken care of though.  We need to do some inside repairs.  A ceiling joist needs replaced.  Walls painted.  Carpeting and Tile need to be re-done.  Our biggest challenge is that there is no equipment in the building, so we have to replace all of that also.

The problem is, we cannot do this all on our own.  So we have partnered with  and have a project entitled Project Oasis.  It’s funding date goes to the 9th of October, and we are seeking a goal of $200,000.00.  To be able to continue with our current phase, we need at least $36,000.00 to continue to the next phase.

So take a look the website, and watch the video.  At that point, go ahead and fund our project.

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