Q&A With Patrick Ortman About Video Production Company PatrickOrtman, Inc.’s Recent Expansion to Austin, Texas

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PRESS RELEASE: Los Angeles, California (10/16/2013)- PatrickOrtman, Inc. has announced the opening of our Austin, Texas location, and we’ve got another (even bigger!) announcement coming in the next weeks. So, it’s a great time for a short question and answer session with Patrick about how the Austin location impacts the company and our clients.

Tell us how the Austin acquisition fits in with the company- is this a “PatrickOrtman, Inc. Light” version?

Not at all. This is not a franchise, this is the real deal. Austin will eventually become our hub for post production and visual effects work for many of the national TV commercials and other film/video projects we create. We’re building a full edit and color suite here, along with 3D/motion graphics stations. We’re also talking with local concerns like Austin Studios about ways to work together. We absolutely plan on continuing to offer national-level video production services as we grow. That said, the focus of the Austin location is initially on Texas-based video production services.

How do you plan on maintaining quality on these new projects?
By overseeing every project myself, and by continuing to be choosy about the clients with whom we work. Exactly as we do with our LA studio, and that approach has been very successful for us.

So this means you’ll be in Austin?

I have a residence in Los Angeles, and now one in Austin, yes. I like Austin. I like its people, I like the youth and attitude of “we can do anything, here”. It’s an optimistic place. My work requires me to be on the road quite a lot, and of course our LA work means I’m there much of the time, too. But I felt it (our expansion into Austin) was important enough to get a residence here. That should illustrate how important Austin is to our business plans.

The LA studio is still around, right?

Not just around- it is thriving! We shot a national web commercial campaign for a Seattle technology company in LA last month, we’re shooting a big nonprofit project for a Boston company there this month, and we’re doing a big short-form infomercial for a natural foods product company in LA next month. Our Los Angeles studio is booked at 80% pretty much all the time.

I love LA, always have and always will. But I’m not blind to the possibilities of working with companies who don’t necessarily want to come to the coast to do their video, and we’re excited about bringing our national-quality work to those businesses and organizations in the coming months with our new acquisition and expansions.

So there’s more coming for PatrickOrtman, Inc. than the Austin location?

Count on it.

Can you give us a hint as to the coming news?
All I can say at this time is, we’re actively working to do something that’ll put us on more equal footing with the large national agencies. We’ve always been known for creating quality videos, TV commercials, etc. Stuff that can and does compete with the big national agencies’ work. But as a single-location boutique, we have not had the national presence to go head-to-head with the big guys. That’s changing. And soon. Get ready.

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