Public Radio’s BURN: An Energy Journal Launches New Tumblr Blog To Spark Engagement for “Rising Seas” Special

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Los Angeles, California – October 23, 2013 – Public radio’s award-winning BURN: An Energy Journal has launched “100 Years Rising,” a Tumblr blog, designed to engage and educate the public about the imminent threat of rising sea levels – and to invite audience response to BURN’s one-hour special on the subject, which is being broadcast nationwide on different days and times in different cities.  Check your local listings, or visit the BURN website to listen to the broadcast or podcast at any time.

In the one-hour special produced by SoundVision Productions®, host Alex Chadwick and his BURN colleagues take an in-depth look at the potentially devastating impact of rising seas on Miami and New York City – two of the most water-endangered cities in the world – as well as the Gulf Coast’s vulnerable marshlands and equally vulnerable oil-and-gas industry.  It also captures the sights and sounds of Greenland’s ice sheets, which are melting more rapidly than anyone had anticipated and unleashing huge quantities of fresh water into the North Atlantic.  

BURN’S Tumblr blog “100 Years Rising” presents two hauntingly beautiful “video postcards” from Greenland created by Gretel Ehrlich, author of The Future of Ice, first recipient of the PEN Writers Henry David Thoreau award for environmental writing, and longtime Greenland explorer and writer. Her videos are titled Beautiful and Terrifying  and Amongst the Ice.

Filmmaker Josh Kurz, who specializes in blending science with humor, delivers an ingenious, futuristic “video postcard” that shows an aerial view of Miami today contrasted with an identical view of the city 100 years in the future, with sea level projections included.  Hint: the second view is titled “Miami Island 2100.”

“100 Years Rising” also features BURN Reporter Reid Frazier’s audio story from Louisiana, where the Mississippi Delta is sinking at the same time the Gulf of Mexico is rising – putting a lot of petrochemical plants at risk.  In addition, the blog offers stories from reporters in San Francisco, Delaware and coastal Virginia about how local officials are preparing for the inevitable sea rise in those communities.  There are on-the-run videos of Alex Chadwick at work reporting in Miami, and an interactive map that allows you to plug in your coastal city name or zip code and see what the flood risks are in your locale projected into the future.

The BURN blog also invites all visitors to imagine what life would be like in Miami in 2100, when many experts predict that much of South Florida will be under water.  “100 Years Rising” is especially interested in hearing from local journalists – and high school and university students – who live in threatened coastal areas about how their communities will be affected, and what they can do about it. 

BURN is produced by SoundVision Productions®, winner of numerous awards and most recently the prestigious AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Award from the American Association for the Advancement of Science, in partnership with APM’s Marketplace with a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and additional support from the Edward W. Rose III Family Fund of The Dallas Foundation.  The BURN radio specials are distributed nationwide by American Public Media, with individual stories airing monthly on Marketplace.

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