Prime Minister India Dr. Singh, meet Sikhs Seeking Justice, USA & Canada, Vikram Bajwa-Indian Overseas Congress

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New York. Rita Sinha. President Barack Obama, warmly hosted Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh, both reaffirmed a working relationship, based on trust and empowering the people of USA and India.

Rahul Gandhi, Vice President of ALL INDIA CONGRESS COMM.,, while in New Delhi, denounced the controversial ordinance to negate the Supreme Court verdict on convicted lawmakers as “complete nonsense” and said what “our government has done is wrong”. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh assured India and the Vice President, to take immediate action, on the ordinance, as he returns to New Delhi, on October 1st.

Indian Overseas Congress in a Special meeting called here, discussed the ongoing “protests by the Human Rights Activists”, Sikhs seeking Justice, in New York and Washington D.C., on the justice for 1984 Violence in New Delhi, dark period of 1980’s in Punjab. Also discussed was the failure of the Embassy of India, to prevent the Summons issued against Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Dr. Manmohan SIngh, by U.S. Courts.

IOC General Secretary Sunil Malhotra, taking a cue from Rahul Gandhi, to advise the Government of the NRI, demands and aspirations, introduced a motion, to be forwarded to Prime Minister of India, today in New York, emphasizing the importance of extending an invitation for a meeting to the “protestors in New York and Washington D.C.”, by the Prime Minister, as a step in the “Right direction”. IOC President Vikram Bajwa mentioned the White House Petition, by Sikhs seeking Justice and forwarded the resolution to the Office of Prime Minister of India, urges Dr. Manmohan Singh to meet them, here in New York, to hear the woes and tragic stories of NRI’s seeking Justice, in their own homeland India.

“Time has come the readdress the wounds and bring them back to home”, said Bajwa.

There were Hundreds of NRI’s, who protested in front of the White House today, while President Obama hosted the Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh , External Affairs Minister Sh. Salman Khurshid, India’s Foreign Secretary Mrs. Sujatha Singh, in the Oval Office.

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