Prime Minister Harper Revoke Premier Quebec Marois Canadian Citizenship-Sikhs of Canada

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Vancouver BC Cheryl Simms. Introduction of Quebec Charter by Premier Pauline Marois, has been compared by Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau that of the “slavery era”, in the South, United States, where they now have a President Barack Obama with Black roots. NDP Thomas Mulclair termed it as “using immigrants for political purposes”, totally rejected the proposed Quebec Charter of values. Jason Kenney, Minister of Employment and social development, prepares to challenge the Quebec charter, at the Federal level, by Department of Justice. Calgary Mayor Nasheed Nenshi, termed it ” abrogation of Canadian values and ethics”.

New Canadians held meetings across Canada, to respond to the Anti-Canadian Quebec Charter, some terming it as another political agenda of Parti Quebeios, to garner support for another “referendum”, which they lost in 1995, for separation from Canada. World Sikh Organization, Canadian Sikh Coalition, Sikhs of Canada, Punjab Canadian Foundation, Indian Overseas Congress, including Foreign Ambassadors, from Asia, Africa, S.America U.S. and Europe all see this “Charter”, as Anti-Human Rights and Anti-Canada, which might effect its crown of compassion in the United Nations.

Sikhs of Canada, held a meeting in Vancouver to request Prime Minister Stephen Harper to stand by them at this hour, uphold Canadian values for new Immigrants in this 21st Century, where the world is considered as a Global Village. Sikhs of Canada President Sam Sidhu, mentioned Member Parliament Calgary, Devinder Shory Bill C-425, which states that the Canadian Citizenship, can be revoked on the basis of Treason and act of Terror, which Former Mayoral Candidate Surrey, Vikram Bajwa, termed as “Political terrorism”, with an appeal to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Minister Jason Kenney, to revoke Premier Pauline Marois Canadian Citizenship, in the Canadian Parliament, which will be supported by majority M.P.’s, and send a clear signal to her, not to divide Canada, against the will of the majority Canadians.

All British Columbia, Member Parliament have voiced their opinion for countering her “divisive agenda”, which could harm the interests of Canada and Provinces, as they seek opportunities with China, India, Latin America, in terms of trade and economy.

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