Premier Christy Clark,RCMP should involve India CBI in Ethnicgate Investigation, Vikram Bajwa

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Vancouver BC  Cheryl Simpson. NDP Opposition Leader Adrian Dix, has addressed the issues, concerning the Multicultural community of British Columbia, by approaching the RCMP, for a third Investigation, into “Ethnic Outreach Strategy”, of Premier Christy Clark and her Office staff, a few of which tendered resignations, were never questioned by the Ethics Commissioner, with calls of the Opposition and Ethnic Leaders,including John Horgan to have an Independent Judge, investigate “EOS”,the Times of India Awards, paid over $ 12 million of B.C.Tax payers money, timed for the Provincial elections.

Last Friday, Adrian Dix revealed that he had written a letter to the RCMP in early August outlining “serious”, concerns over the new information, connected to the ethnic outreach strategy, that had been uncovered after the election.

Liberal dissident , former Mayoral candidate Surrey, Vikram Bajwa had asked for Premier Christy Clark’s resignation, on the Ethnic strategy, concerning the Apology for “Chinese Head tax”, Times Of India Awards, TOIFA, held in Vancouver. Since RCMP is investigation the “Ethnic Outreach Scandal”, they must involve India’s Central Bureau of Investigation, CBI, to do their part on the $ 12 Million dollars, paid to Mumbai Event Company, investigate the Times of India contract, said Bajwa.

Adrian Dix has informed that the investigation relates to issues previously raised in the Legislature, as well as “other serious issues”.

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