Portal Site Dedicated to Next Steps for Post College Audience Launched

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http://www.postcollegelaunch.com has just been created as a portal site filled with vital information on next steps for students who recently graduated from college or are soon to graduate.

The user will want to know how best to find an apartment in a new city, or how to prepare for job interviews in the consulting world, or how to find an inexpensive moving company, or how best to prepare for his/her new real-life time after college or after graduate school.  This site is designed as a guide to this process.

This site is chock full of information and links about careers, ranging from engineering to law to marketing to consulting, employment related training such as for investment banking or consulting, salaries and cost of living for various cities, graduate schools, and graduate school admissions tests. There is also information about setting up living arrangements  and other important life style concerns such as apartments, insurance, moving, and travel.

For example, as editor, April Sheehan-Fittante notes, when a person considers a new job in a new city, the individual will want to be aware of the cost of living differences between cities. Pay and costs might be different, and a newly employed person might be surprised by how what seems to be a lower pay can actually net more if the cost of living is lower in a target city. There are salary and cost of living calculators on the site.

Life style articles also populate the site, such as 5 tips for dealing with post-college shock, and the transition from college to plotting next steps. The site provides a helpful forum for people in the same situation, or the same time in their lives, to exchange information.

For more information, see http://www.postcollegelaunch.com or contact webmaster@postcollegelaunch.com.

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