PM Dr. Manmohan Singh ask HC Adm. Verma meet Premier Quebec-Indian Overseas Congress

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Ottawa, Canada. Province of Quebec is heading into another fierce debate over the future of religious freedom in the province with the Parti Quebecois government set to release a Charter of Quebec Values that could ban the religious headwear, namely Sikh Turbans, Hindu Symbols, Muslim Dresswear, Christian Cross, in the Province.

The PQ is expected to table new rules in the fall, part of a set of proposals by the government to enshrine the so called “secular Character” of the province into law.

Premier Pauline Marois did not as of yet disavowed the proposal, which has triggered a debate in Canada, with setting the stage of Separation, including another “Referendum”, which was lost by less than 5 % of the vote, in 1995.

Indian Overseas Congress, in their meeting discussed the effects of this law on Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims from India, in Canada and the backlash in other provinces, where”  racial incidents” are on the rise. IOC President Vikram Bajwa has requested Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to ask High Commission of India in Ottawa, Admiral Nirmal Verma, to call on Premier Pauline Marois, to discuss the matter, as the Prime Minister briefed the Prime Minister of France on the “Turban” issue in France.

World Sikh Organization President  Mohinder Singh Vinning has condemned the Province Charter , with calls to review the matter, Sikhs in Quebec, including Dr. Sanjeet Singh Saluja, born and raised in Quebec, wishes to move out of the Province, if this bill is enacted, Suhkdev Dhaliwal, calls Premier Pauline Marios a “Racial Premier”, who wants to create a “race war”, to win her bid in the elections, with claims to become the Prime Minister of separated Quebec.

Federal Liberal Party President Justin Trudeau, was very upset with the Premier, in their meeting, calling it a violation of Canadian Charter

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