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LIGHTNING RELEASES (02/01/2014) –, an award winning site recognized by the Southern California Business Consumer Alliance with a coveted  AA rating, is already one of the most popular sites on the internet for penny auctions. With a fast and easy registration process, reasonably priced bids, and a flowing inventory of hot items that are sure to get people putting in their pennies, it’s also the testing ground for a feature that may just change the way that penny auctions are handled in the future.

Their brand new Lockout Feature is something that new user bidders have been hunting for since penny auctions first became popular; once a user bids 50 times consecutively, other users will be locked from the auction for a 3 minute period. Although outsiders may not be able to appreciate just what that means, experienced penny auction fans know that 3 minutes can be the difference between winning your prize, or going home empty handed.

This Lockout is one of the many features which sets PennyGrab apart from its competitors, but it’s also part of an important trend of listening to feedback from site members, and implementing competitive features that can enhance the bidding experience and allow for more experienced bidders to strategize exactly what they’ll lock onto, and when to strike.

Playing Fast, Winning Big

While the Lockout feature isn’t the only thing that draws new users to PennyGrab, it does come at a great time. With the holiday season now over, there’s a wealth of deals for penny auction members to take part of, including auctions on the latest home electronic gaming systems, gift cards that can be bought for pennies on the dollar, and much more. PennyGrab even has auctions for jewelry and other high commodity items.

The site’s AA rating with the Southern California Business Consumer Alliance isn’t just a mark of the site’s overall performance, but a testament to the genuine nature of these items. One of the biggest concerns when dealing with an online auction site is the apprehension that comes with wondering if what you’re bidding on is what you’ll actually win. Thanks to PennyGrab’s credentials and continuing attention to inventory quality and authenticity, they bring a lot to the table for both experienced and inexperienced penny auction goers alike.

Other features, like Blitz, a Buy Now feature, and Timer Grab auctions, all combine to make PennyGrab a unique experience in online auction sites. If you’ve ever been curious about what penny auctions are, and whether or not you can actually win big and pay much less than you would in the process, then PennyGrab may be your best answer. As with all auctions, there’s never a guarantee that you’ll win the item that you’re bidding on, but features like Lockout ensure that you can stand a much better chance of taking home the prize as long as you plan ahead. With new items being listed every day, and thousands of auctions to choose from, you’re certain to find something that will grab your attention.

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