Pen Pals: The Unthinkable – Untamed Horror in New Series of Short Stories – Gory With a Twist of Love

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LIGHTNING RELEASES: Chicago, Illinois (2/28/2014)– (Pen Pals: The Unthinkable) – Innocence stolen at a very young age Author Roman numeral V struggled emotionally for years to stay afloat. Refusing to be the victim and give up, the author surrounded herself with the positive, because one positive outweighs one hundred negatives, “When all the lights go out the smallest candle can lead the way – giving up is not an option.” Says V  

“Pen Pals: The Unthinkable” a collection of childhood memories and some exaggerated truths – page turner. When love is blind, life’s dramatic changes can easily cloud over realty. However, as Author Roman numeral V proves in new series of twisted love stories – losing sight of the world around can have devastating consequences. The new fiction series by V. Volume one, “Pen Pals: The Unthinkable” is the perfect opener to what promises to eventually become part of a classic series of short stories – expect the unexpected.

Shocking and Terrifying Twisted Love – (Pen Pals: The Unthinkable) – The cold wind was whistling through the pipes and cracks of the rundown old house where Katherine and her three daughters lived, but the girls were all warm snuggled together in the same bed when all of a sudden, Debbie sat up quick from out of her sleep, scared, looking around because someone was knocking on the front door at 2:00 a.m. More curious than scared, Debbie reached for her robe then put her feet on the cold, sticky floor, and then she started walking toward the front door. Another loud knock startled Debbie, causing her to snatch the door open out of fear, and a gust of cold wind rushed in, taking her breath away. When Debbie looked up, she was blinded by the moon and could only see the silhouette of a very large man standing in the doorway. Debbie screamed, “Bruce is here. He’s going to kill us!” Then she took off running back to her bedroom. Bruce was released from the state penitentiary, and without calling, he showed up at Katherine’s front door – then the unthinkable.

As the author explains, the new line of short stories urges readers to truly expect the unexpected.

Interested readers are urged to purchase their copy of volume one as soon as possible. “Pen Pals: The Unthinkable” Published by Trafford Publishing, is available now;

About Pen Pals: The Unthinkable
Pen Pals: The Unthinkable is the first book in a line of short stories, hair-raising, page turner, unique and most shocking entertaining love stories. From serial killers to the supernatural, readers will be on pins and needles waiting for the next book. “Each volume will take readers into a world very much unlike their own – a rocky atmosphere where literally anything can happen.” Says V

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