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LIGHTNING RELEASES (Houston, TX)  — Peak Property Advisors has launched an aggressive marketing campaign to assist commercial and residential property owners who want to sell their properties quickly. Through television, billboard, direct mail and other marketing, Peak Property Advisors is assisting property owners who wish to sell their property quickly. 

Don McClain, Principal of Peak Property Advisors, says that although the market in Texas and Houston is very strong, there are always circumstances where a property owner may want to avoid the traditional sales route. For the reasons of time, property condition, financial issues, medical issues, divorce, etc. “There are always reason someone may want to liquidate their property quickly”, states McClain.

“There are always circumstances where a property owner may want to avoid listing with an agent. That is where Peak Property Advisors comes in”. 

Peak Property Advisors helps property owners in many circumstances. Death, divorce, foreclosure pending, illness and inheritance are just a few of the reasons an owner may want to move quickly. “We recently assisted a property owner who needed to sell their property in two days for personal reasons”, say Don McClain. Peak Property Advisors was able to step in, buy the property, and assist the seller. “They were very appreciative of what we were able to do”, says McClain.

McClain states that Peak Property Advisors plans a Nationwide campaign and plans on being in no less than 20 markets by the end of 2014. “We plan on rolling out Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Austin, and several other markets before the end of the year”, says McClain. 

For those who want to sell their property quickly, they can contact Don McClain at Peak Property Advisors. He can be reached at or 281-407-0170.

About Peak Property Advisors
Peak Property Advisors have been solving Real Estate problems since 1985. They started with residential real estate, progressed to commercial.

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