Pay2Post Opens Doors on Innovative Advertising Platform

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Pay2Post Opens Doors on Innovative Advertising Platform

Simple system allows advertisers to pay for high-traffic social media posts.

NEW YORK CITY, NY – Social media marketing is all the rage; after all, what better advertisement could there be than raving fans sharing and re-sharing their support of your company ad infinitum? Social media shares are valuable, and when a social media asset goes viral, it’s priceless.

This we know, of course. What many people have a hard time grappling with is the “how” factor. How does a small company or a sole proprietorship build a large enough social media presence to matter? How do you make the time? What do you post to get thousands of followers and shares? Social media marketing is valuable, but it’s also costly. Ask any small business owner who tried to make their Facebook fan page produce some sort of ROI and you’ll see what we mean.

The landscape of the internet is in constant flux, though, and things in the social media marketing realms are about to shift for the better. Now, entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes will be able to leverage a huge social media following without actually having to create it. This is the idea behind Pay2Post (, a new web service that connects advertisers with established members of the blogosphere, as well as high-rollers in the YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram community.

Through this service, advertisers need only submit their post, tweet, or ad; publishers who have been hand-picked by the Pay2Post staff can then earn money by posting and sharing that content on their active networks. Gone are the days of creating a social media ad and hoping that a high-profile user shares it.

The benefits of this service are manifold and clear. Never before has it been possible for an organization or individual with a small (or no) social media presence to reach that audience so directly and efficiently. If you’re ready to harness the power of social media marketing, please visit the company’s website at:


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