Helps Provide Homeless Youth An Opportunity For A Future

in Press Releases is donating $50 to The Covenant House for each new person who registers with the website in order to help troubled youth stay off the streets.

TORONTO, ON – The nights are cold in Toronto, but thousands of people have no place to stay warm. would like to help shelter the city’s disadvantaged by donating $50 to The Covenant House for every new person who creates an account on until March 21.

During the winter months, extreme cold weather alerts are issued when the temperature drops below -15 degrees Celsius before the wind chill, or a blizzard is scheduled to impact the city.  Toronto community shelters estimate that over 10,000 of the city’s residents are homeless at some point during these alerts and even more disheartening is that a large percentage are young Canadians.  Shelters only have so much room and financing to house underprivileged youth, and require donations from outside organizations to continue helping those in need.

The Covenant House is Canada’s largest youth shelter, and has helped thousands of once homeless young Canadians build a life with a future.  Volunteers have noted many of the young Canadians are very sharp-minded with the potential to build great lives, and through circumstances beyond their control have fallen on hard times.  The Covenant House provides education training, counseling services, healthcare, and job training development skills – but relies on donors to fund most of these services. believes in the services provided by the Covenant House, and will contribute its own donations.  Until March 20 – the first day of spring – will donate $50 to the Covenant House for every person who registers an account through the website.  Registering an account is simple and requires no upfront cost to users, but could potentially help turn a young person’s life around.  We hope to feed over 2000 people in the process.

The goal is to help as many young Canadians as possible stay warm and off the streets through the rest of the winter.  Register today at to help not only shelter a young Canadian, but provide them an opportunity for a real future.


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