On the Heels of the 2013 Tony Awards Oscar Nominee Chazz Palminteri to Star in “Unorganized Crime,” a New Play Garnering Top Endorsements From A-List Stars

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Playwright/actor, Kenny D’Aquila, chooses Unique Platform to Pioneer First-Ever Play to be funded by Kickstarter

PRESS RELEASE: Los Angeles, CA—June 10, 2013—Oscar nominee Chazz Palminteri and  aspiring playwright/actor Kenny D’Aquila and producer Josh Silver are attempting to make history by raising funds using the unique crowd funding platform, Kickstarter, to help bring Unorganized Crime, a new play written by D’Aquila, to life.  They are looking to raise $65,000 to help finance the project and have 30 days to do it. Unorganized Crime has received nearly $8,000 in pledges in the first 3 days of its campaign.

The project is garnering widespread acclaim by notable A-List talent including Palminteri who has signed on as producer and star of the play. (The team is looking to cast another prominent actor for the role of ROSIE SICUSO in the very near future.)  Says Palminteri of Unorganized Crime:  “When Kenny first sent me this play, I read it and I couldn’t put it down. Quite simply, it’s a great play. It has to be seen and heard and I want to be a part of it.” 

The unknown playwright/actor has been waiting tables for over 16 years and Palminteri feels D’Aquila deserves to be recognized.  Says Palminteri of D’Aquila: “D’Aquila is a terrific writer and actor whose work merits serious consideration by anyone interested in enabling unknown but deserving artists.  His work is consistently thought provoking, highly compelling and memorable.” 

Palminteri isn’t alone in his effusive praise of D’Aquila and his play.

Kenny D’Aquila has written a shocker to end all shockers in Unorganized Crime. It’s Godfather crossed with Goodfellas crossed with Grand Guigoni, and if it reaches a stage in your neighborhood, you won’t know whether to hide under your seat or fall off your seat in nervous laughter,” said Jerry Tallmer, New York Post Drama Critic and co-founder of the Village Voice Obie Awards.

Unorganized Crime is an extraordinarily powerful family drama — taut, often grisly, darkly hilarious, and riveting from start to finish. D’Aquila beautifully captures, in almost operatic fashion, the extremely violent and visceral underbelly of the criminal underworld, and its brutally corrosive effect on the nuclear family. An adrenaline pumping, high-octane charge for audiences, Unorganized Crime is a gem of a play just waiting for some fortunate producer or theatre company to bring it cracking to life,” said actor John Pankow. (“Episodes,” Showtime)

“It’s a gift just waiting to be opened by some enterprising producer,” said veteran actor Lawrence Pressman. “D’Aquila has an original voice, very hard to find these days in our theatre.”

Unorganized Crime tells the story of Gino Sicuso (D’Aquila), the youngest son of a Capo di Capi, and a reluctant killer, who is banished from the family for his inability to follow orders. Three years later, his wife, Rosie, a part-time prostitute, has Gino on the road to redemption by insisting he wait tables to help lessen his regard for the human race. Gino’s letters and calls to his father, the mighty mafia head, Carmello Sicuso, fall on deaf ears until his older brother, Sal Sicuso (Palminteri), a brutal mobster who’s ‘next in line’ shows up at his door. What transpires is a gripping, humorous, savage, modern day glimpse at the Cosa Nostra where the code of Omerta is shaken to the core.

Kickstarter is primarily used by artists seeking backing for independent film and music productions. The producers are offering pledge prizes from the production ranging from a Playwright’s Diary, where you receive a video memo from the playwright along with cameos from the cast and creative team of Unorganized Crime detailing the process of the production to a Backstage Tour to an Opening Night Event to a Sneak Peek lunch with the cast and a closed rehearsal of the play.

For more information, please visit http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/unorganizedcrime/unorganized-crime.

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