Obtaining Market Insight Can help Agencies Develop Compelling New Business Pitches in an Increasingly Competitive Market, Suggests Cint

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PRESS RELEASE (3/26/2013) – Most marketing, PR and advertising agencies regularly pitch ideas for new business, but with the market growing more competitive, these companies need to demonstrate greater value. Obtaining market intelligence from a brand’s target audience can help them to increase their chances of winning, suggests Cint, a provider of technology for gaining opinions from around the world.

The length of the average client-agency relationship has decreased significantly over the past few decades and therefore, securing new business is vital for survival. Many agencies have specific teams dedicated to developing new business pitches, meaning it is essential that this investment is worthwhile. Agencies can increase their chances of winning competitive pitches if research has been undertaken in advance. By surveying the target audience of the brand or service, the agency will be in a fortunate position of understanding the marketplace and opinions, and be able to pitch qualitatively about the strategies they are proposing.

Bo Mattsson, CEO, Cint, comments: “Gone are the days when client-agency relationships lasted decades and were based on an established personal relationship. The marketing sector is fiercely competitive, and agencies need to pitch frequently to win new business in order to remain financially successful. Those that can demonstrate they have thoroughly prepared will be most likely to reap rewards.”

By deploying a survey to a relevant demographic, an agency can maximize its chances of success at pitch. For example, potential customers can be polled to provide a picture of what they think of the product or service and competitors, and whether they already purchase it and why. This will show the brand that the agency understands its needs and audience’s preferences. In addition, a poll can be undertaken to establish which marketing methods are most appealing, such as online, print or outdoor advertisements, or whether audiences are more engaged with social media sites.

Mattsson continues: “Self-service survey tools, such as Cint Access, allow agencies to select the specific demographic they would like to target from a selection of hundreds of niche survey panels. They allow the user to select individuals that fit the exact requirements of the brand, depending on matters like age, location, family status and personal interests, and surveys can be deployed in a matter of minutes. Potential clients are often impressed by agencies that have taken the time to undertake research, meaning they will be in a more favorable position when pitching to win the business.”

For further information on Cint’s range of tools for obtaining market insight, please visit www.cint.com.

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