NewAer Amps Up the Beacon Game at CES 2014, Launches SDK 3.0

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LIGHTNING RELEASES: LAS VEGAS (1/8/2014) – NewAer Inc. (, developer of next-generation location-based software beacon technologies, today launches version 3.0 of its Proximity Platform SDK at the Consumer Electronics Association CES trade show. Boasting two new scan types and a simplified interface, NewAer’s newest SDK further enables developers to move beyond limitations of iBeacon and create more robust proximity-enhanced applications.

At CES 2014 – an annual technology show where next year’s hot products debut to an audience of more than 150,000 – Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE or Bluetooth Smart) abound. Heart rate monitors, smoke alarms and keyfobs are everywhere; even show organizers are using iBeacons to trigger the CES app. But while the Apple iBeacon within iOS 7 relies on BTLE devices only, the NewAer system can be tuned by developers for all wireless signals that a mobile device can receive. Signals from cellular towers, WiFi access points, Bonjour broadcasts, Bluetooth 2.0, BTLE and NFC are all considered beacons by the receiving device based upon its hardware capabilities and operating system.

“CES was the perfect place to debut the NewAer 3.0 SDK, as it fixes a huge limitation of iBeacon where one beacon can only speak to one application,” said Dave Mathews, CEO and Founder, NewAer. “The NewAer Proximity Platform is the first and only device-to-device proximity software that works across Android and iPhone handsets or tablets, as well as Windows-based retail signage systems without battery-powered external hardware beacons. Add to that our cloud infrastructure so that developers can build and ship product with the most robust back-end possible, and NewAer is the undeniable choice.”

Born out of frustration with traditional GPS-based fixed location technologies which get lost indoors and drain mobile device batteries, NewAer allows for elastic location which is best suited for the variety of mobile devices consumers use daily. Feedback from 2013 hackathons shaped NewAer’s latest release. Developers will find a simplified scanner interface and four core scan types, two of which are new.

SDK 3.0 is the latest in a string of innovations from the NewAer team, leaders in the emerging market of sensors and proximity, providing cloud-based analysis of beacons. The team firmly believes in a user’s control over his or her privacy – ever critical as beacons are commoditized. NewAer also firewalls apps from different vendors, preventing them from seeing one another.

“Real value is in the software that enables beacons to make powerful interactions via API hooks versus pop-up warnings or marketing nags,” commented Mathews.

The NewAer Proximity Platform is a software developer package that any developer or manufacturer can integrate within any device, software or service. The SDK operates on Windows XP, 7 and 8; Android, iOS 6 and 7, and Mac OS-X. To step into the future of cross-platform proximity using NewAer and see what can be accomplished by proximity enhancing applications, visit

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