New Teen Helpline Provides Adolescents with Reliable Addiction Recovery Information

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A new adolescent rehab helpline in Beachwood provides a great resource for young adults seeking to overcome substance abuse.

LIGHTNING RELEASES (3/10/2014) – Many people who struggle to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction are hesitant to seek help because they do not know where to find assistance. It’s especially difficult for teenagers in Beachwood, OH. To help solve this problem a new adolescent rehab helpline has been established to provide assistance for teens seeking to overcome their drug or alcohol dependency. The new helpline is designed to  give young adults the support and information they need to make responsible choices regarding their sobriety.

The helpline can be reached by dialing (216) 342-3770 and is available at all hours. Certified addiction recovery specialists are available to offer guidance, understanding and information on the latest treatment options available at various rehab facilities. If anyone is confused about their options in becoming sober, speaking with a knowledgeable  addiction professional is an easy way to learn more.

The helpline also has a corresponding website,, where young addicts and their parents can find more comprehensive information on rehab and recovery facilities and programs. The more information a person has on rehab and recovery options, the easier it will be to make the right treatment decisions. Receiving proper treatment greatly increases the chances an addict achieve sobriety. The helpline encourages callers to attend an inpatient treatment program and put themselves in the best position to succeed.

About the helpline:

Drug and alcohol abuse has long been a major issue in Beachwood, OH. If your son or daughter is struggling with a chemical dependency, call the new helpline today at (216) 342-3770 or email and begin the journey to recovery.

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