New Helpline in Robinson Helps Young Addicts Find Recovery

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A new adolescent rehab helpline in Robinson, TX  is providing hope for teens who are seeking help drug and alcohol addiction.

LIGHTNING RELEASES (3/18/2014) – Teenagers in Robinson, TX struggle with substance abuse just like adults.  Unfortunately, teen addicts are often reluctant to come discuss their addiction struggles because they fear anger or ridicule from their parents and their peers.  Young addicts often feel alone with their addiction issues. The new helpline has been established to give teenagers a forum where they can voice their questions and concerns about substance abuse and find help and support.

The helpline can be reached by dialing toll-free (254) 231-0887. Certified addiction experts are available at all hours to provide guidance and valuable rehab information. The helpline also has a corresponding website at, which contains more comprehensive information about treatment options specifically designed for young adults. Learning about available treatment options can make the decision to seek help much easier.

Beating a drug or alcohol addiction alone is possible. But with the help of certified addiction specialist, the process becomes much easier—particularly during the detox stage.  This is why the understanding and knowledgeable addiction and recovery specialists at the helpline recommend callers with addiction seek help at an accredited addiction rehab and recovery facility.

About the helpline:

Teenagers in Robinson, TX who struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction are encouraged to call the new adolescent rehab helpline. The helpline is designed to help provide information, guidance and support for young adults struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction. Call today at (254) 231-0887, or send an email to to learn how a drug rehab facility can help anyone overcome substance abuse.

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