New Adolescent Helpline Now Available for Teens Suffering from Addiction

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A new helpline for young adults in Cocoa Beach, FL provides guidance and advice on drug and alcohol addiction recovery.

Teenage drug and alcohol addiction has long been a serious problem in Cocoa Beach, FL. Each day, countless young adults struggle with substance abuse and are looking for help.  Unfortunately, many teen addicts don’t know where to turn for assistance.  Many are uncomfortable discussing their addiction issues with their parents and family members. A new helpline has been established for the people of Cocoa Beach to provide teenagers with a forum to discuss their drug or alcohol dependency.

By dialing (321) 252-1739, young adults can speak directly to a certified addiction professional who can answer any questions of concerns pertaining to drug or alcohol addiction. The helpline is available at all hours and is designed to provide teens and their parents with valuable information about treatment programs available at drug rehab facilities. Parent can learn about which drug rehab centers can provide their child with the best care.

The helpline enables teens to get a head start on the recovery process and take their first steps on the journey to sobriety. A corresponding web page at  has also been established to provide more comprehensive information on drug rehab facilities and the treatment programs they offer. Parents and their teens can learn about treatment programs such as individual and group therapy, dual diagnosis, education programs, detox and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

About the helpline:

It’s easy to ask for help. But what if you don’t know where to ask? By calling (321) 252-1739, teenagers in Cocoa Beach, FL who struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction can find information on where to turn for assistance for their dependency. The helpline also has a corresponding website at  which can provide more comprehensive information on treatment programs available at rehab facilities.

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