Nelson Mandela, a Saint like Mother Teresa-IOC President Vikram Bajwa

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Washington DC. Chelsea Carver . President Barack Obama, while remembering Nelson Mandela said “He no longer belongs to us,” he belongs to the ages.”, ordering the American Flag in USA and across the world to be at Half mast until Nelson Mandela funeral. Political leaders of the World have learnt the lessons of the 21st century, from this great man, who changed the life of millions.

Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh cannot fully imagine his life without the example that Nelson Mandela set, while Mrs. Sonia Gandhi AICC President, emphasizing, the need to learn from him as long as they live. Indian Overseas Congress, executive, while paying tributes to him and recollecting Nelson Mandela’s love for India, after his release from the Prison. IOC General Secretary Sunil Malhotra, met him in 1986 with the Late Rajiv Gandhi and vividly remembers when Nelson Mandela said ” India and South Africa have lot in common, which has been granted by the British”, while Rajiv Gandhi responded to him “Thanks to Britain, now we can be friends”.

IOC Executive asked the Foreign Minister Shri. Salman Khurshid to attend his funeral, while a five member NRI delegation from Canada and USA, headed by Sukhjinder Dhillon, will pay their respects at the Funeral, with a message to declare “Nelson Mandela a Saint”, said IOC President Vikram Bajwa.

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