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DPark Shanghai, offers a tool perfectly adapted for Foreign SMEs who want to settle down quickly in China.Investing in China is one of the best operations for the company wish to expand his business but the business culture, legal context, may constitute obstacles for SMEs. Clearly in China, requests careful planning
That is why the Shanghai People Government through its Yangpu District, has put in place for Foreign SMEs, a Sino-French organization are able to meet all the needs of these SMEs in terms of implantation.
Based in Yangpu center of emerging technologies, technologies of information development, biotechnology, environmental science andengineering, DPark Shanghai is the first park with Franco-Chinese capital and approved by the Shanghai government. This means that all steps are facilitated and secured by the government of Shanghai Yangpu. It is an important argument in the choice of the implantation because those who work or have worked with China know: working with China may take a long time because there are many interlocutors and barriers to overcome.
The DPark Shanghai offers a full range of professional services intended to facilitate the development and implementation in China, quickly andaffordably. The D-park manages all the constitution formalities and establishment of company of 100% foreign capital, joint venture or representative office. The benefits offered by D- park are numerous: a multilingual team Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, complementarities of Western and Chinese partners, complete understanding of Chinese administration , a thorough knowledge of cultural codes and attitudes in China, excellent location in Shanghai combines remarkable vitality and economic strength, ideal to undertake. And especially a rental cost of installation and very low up to less than 15 $ per day.
DPark Shanghai provides an ideal organization to SMEs wishing to live, study, work and relax in one environment. This is the first park in Shanghai offering offices, SOHO, Small Office, Home Office. Which means that can adjoin residential and office with room designed for offices in the daytime and the apartments at night.
Today, theses companies wishing to easily establish in China could pass through the DPark Shanghai to do so quickly, in favorable financial conditions and with an implantation tool perfectly adapted to their needs.
DPark Solutions:
Dpark has been approved by the Chinese government to help foreign companies deal with all administrative processes in China directly with the different authorities.
  •  Creation of WFOE (Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise) companies with a legal address in Dpark
  •  Creation of J.V. (Joint Venture) companies with a legal address in Dpark
  •  Creation of companies in Hong Kong
  • Virtual office with legal address in Dpark
  • Procurement of import & export licenses
  • Procurement of food product, wine, etc. licenses
  • Procurement of visas, work permits, residence permits
  • Chinese accounting, tax declarations completed by our on-site chartered accountants
  • Establishing contacts with Chinese partners
  • Human resources
  • Equipped office rental
  • Meeting room service
  • On-site accommodation, hospitality staff services
  • Restaurant (buffet, cocktail, etc.)
  • Facilities for receptions and events
Dpark is the direct point of contact with the different Chinese government offices, such as tax, health, immigration etc.
All legal procedures are carried out directly by Dpark staff.
Focus on the founder of DPark
Antonio Duarte is a French entrepreneur who has been working in the automotive industry for thirty years. For several years Antonio Duarte has held important roles in major French Federations such as the Fédération des Industries Mécaniques (Vice-president for 6 years) and the UFIMO (president of the French Tooling and Engineering Union for 8 years). He also founded the ARIA (regional automotive industry association) bringing together motor companies and equipment manufacturers from Northern France accounting for three hundred companies and one hundred thousand jobs.
Antonio Duarte won the Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2000 from the Economical Journalists and the Nouvel Economiste newspaper.
After selling his entire industrial group (the Duarte Group whose headquarters were in Le Quesnoy in Northern France) to a French investor at the start of 2006, Antonio Duarte threw himself into his passion for China.
Antonio Duarte arrived in China in 2005 and increased his expertise in the engineering sector and the efficient relocation of European companies to China and vice versa: from negotiation to successful relationship management with the Chinese. Highly sought after, he provides many companies with his advice and network along with his vision of China’s future.
Drawing on his entrepreneurial experience, Antonio Duarte founded DPark Shanghai a 4000m² Soho (Small office home office) business centre and veritable bespoke tool to help French SMEs efficiently position themselves on the Chinese market at a heavily reduced rate by freeing the Director from the restrictions of Chinese administration such as when founding companies.
Respected and popular in China, Antonio Duarte was appointed economy and investment advisor and ambassador for the Shanghai Yangpu Government for economic growth in Europe. He is also the consulting partner for Europe at the major Chinese investment bank CDBC (China Development Bank).
The Shanghai government nominated him for the Magnolia award in 2009 to reward him for his contribution to the city’s growth.
More about DPark Shanghai:
Address :DPark Shanghai, No.738, Changyang Road, Shanghai, China(上海市长阳路7_3_8_号,近通北路) Phone: +86 21 51607676-8088 – Fax: +86 21 51607611 
Contact: Antonio Duarte,, phone: : +33 6 84 70 70 70  or : +86 158 2100 4038 
Lin Wang,, +8613636381688

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